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r/Bitcoin - My friend is selling his million dollar property and planning on. K. Something Awful, among other Internet ne'er-do-wells, was blamed for "crashing the BTC" and causing it to lose about 40% of its value in the. A few years ago, if you had mentioned the term “cryptocurrency” to me, I would have Yet indeed, there are also numerous completely awful ICO's which are. 21 CRYPTOS Становитесь вегетарианцем в течение 7 860. Батарейка разлагается 1 кг раз в. На печать с закрытой. Пункты приема 1 кг - компьютер.

This is your Wednesday morning wrap. While isn't expected to match the unprecedented growth in property value witnessed across , a market crash is highly unlikely, writes Michael Yardney. Your employer might direct you to return to the office, but if you're not willing and want to continue working from home, what are your options? The local market is expected to rise this morning after US stocks broke a three-day losing streak.

This is your Thursday morning wrap. A rise in JobSeeker and other welfare payments has been identified as a ticket out of poverty for many vulnerable Australians. However, so far it looks like neither major party plans to boost the payments. Bank of Queensland hopes to continue its profitable growth momentum in the current fiscal year after lifting its first-half cash profit despite competition in the housing market and margin pressures.

The regions may be booming but property is still a lot more affordable than in the capital cities. Rising costs of living are leaving many families with no choice but to reach for the credit card. Australia Markets closed. ASX 7, OIL GOLD 1, CMC Crypto NZX 50 11, FTSE 7, Dow Jones 34, DAX 14, Hang Seng 21, For free. Read full article. More content below. The operation had gone bankrupt after a series of toxic spills, but it reopened in February.

Just three months later, it was shuttered after it unleashed petroleum rain on nearby neighborhoods. A spokeswoman for ArcLight said the firm "takes its responsibilities to protect the environment and support local communities seriously and will continue to strive to meet the highest standards. Because private equity firms are secretive, their investors may not know what they own or the risks, said Alyssa Giachino of the Private Equity Stakeholder Project, a nonprofit organization that examines the industry's impact on communities.

She said pension funds and their beneficiaries may end up with more fossil fuel exposure than they realize and may not have a full appreciation of the risks. They include heavy impacts on communities of color, risks of litigation and environmental penalties and long-term climate effects, she said. KKR is a huge energy investor on behalf of endowments, public pensions and other institutional investors. Like many of its private equity brethren, KKR has deployed far more money in conventional energy assets like the Coastal GasLink Pipeline than in renewables.

KKR didn't dispute those figures in emails. KKR's spokeswoman said the firm is "committed to investing in a stable energy transition, one that supports a shift to a clean energy future while recognizing the ongoing importance of supplying the conventional energy needed for well-being and economic growth around the world today.

KKR recently added a team focused on energy transition investments in North America. Private equity investors sometimes "leave behind messes for someone else to clean up," said Clark Williams-Derry, energy analyst at the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis. The lakeshore facility is operating within its federal and state environmental permits, he said, and it has created 31 jobs, a company-commissioned report shows.

Williams-Derry said cryptocurrency's potential profits add to the appeal of buying low-cost and carbon-intensive power plants. While natural gas-fired plants like Greenidge's in New York aren't as problematic as those that use coal, they still generate damaging greenhouse gases, he said. Kirt said that after Greenidge took over the plant, it sought ways to earn higher returns on its surplus energy.

It struck gold with bitcoin mining. During the 12 months that ended Feb. Greenidge's owner, the private equity firm Atlas, is on a roll. Atlas bought the acre coal-fired Greenidge plant in , three years after it had closed.

Converted to natural gas, the almost year-old plant began operations in , generating energy to the grid only at times of high demand. In , Greenidge began using the plant to power bitcoin mining and increased its output. It still supplies surplus power to the local electrical grid, but a lot of the power it generates is now used for bitcoin mining. And it has plans for expansion at Greenidge and elsewhere, company documents show. Last week, Greenidge announced a new bitcoin mining operation at a retired printing plant Atlas owns in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

In March, Greenidge said its Bitcoin mining capacity of 19 megawatts should reach 45 megawatts by December and may ramp to megawatts by as it replicates its model elsewhere. Larger gas-fired plants in the U. Also in March, Greenidge announced a merger with Support.

The deal, which is expected to close in the third quarter of this year, will give Atlas control of the merged company and access to public investor money. Andrew Bursky, founder of Atlas, owns half to three-quarters of Atlas, a regulatory filing shows. Neither Atlas nor Bursky would comment for this article. Greenidge, which disputes that view, said last month that its operations would soon be carbon neutral. It is buying credits that offset the plant's emissions from an array of U.

Judith Enck, a former regional administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency who is a senior fellow and visiting faculty member at Bennington College in Vermont, has doubts. So far, legal challenges to the Greenidge operation have failed. Materials issued by Greenidge say state environmental authorities have determined that the plant "does not have a significant impact on the environment.

Still, emissions from the plant are rocketing. At the end of last year, even though it was operating at only 13 percent capacity, the plant's carbon dioxide equivalent emissions totaled , tons, up from 28, tons in January, according to regulatory documents Earth Justice received under an open records request. Before it began mining bitcoins, the plant generated carbon emissions of , tons in and 39, tons in , federal documents show.

On June 5, residents staged a protest against the plant at a nearby Department of Environmental Conservation office in Avon. If regulators don't rein in the Greenidge plant, they say, 30 other power plants in New York could be converted to bitcoin mining, imperiling the state's emission-reduction goals. As the greenhouse gas emissions associated with this type of facility may be precedential and have broader implications beyond New York's borders, DEC will consult with the U.

Water usage by Greenidge is another problem, residents said. The current permit allows Greenidge to take in million gallons of water and discharge million gallons daily, at temperatures as high as degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and 86 degrees in winter, documents show. Rising water temperatures can stress fish and promote toxic algae blooms, the EPA says.

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Since the inception of Bitcoin in , there have been several speculations about who the father of Bitcoin is. The Bitcoin whitepaper was made open to the public under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto. Amidst this confusion, there are some people like Craig Wright , an Australian entrepreneur, who in May claimed to be the inventor of Bitcoin. However, this guy, later on, turned out to be just another scammer.

He with his partner tried to pump a forked version of Bitcoin called Bitcoin cash and made a lot of innocent users lose their hard-earned money. Nonetheless, he bought a Limbo with all the scam money:. Because the purpose of Bitcoin is to be a decentralized method of exchanging money, this anonymity is very healthy for the platform. Only your public address is available.

The Bitcoin blockchain is a permanent ledger which is transparent. If anyone knows your Bitcoin public address, they can see how many bitcoins you hold and what transactions you have made. If users of Bitcoin want to hide their public address or IP, it can be done by using services like Bitmixer.

James Howells, an IT guy, lost 7, bitcoins in November While he was cleaning his desk at home, he threw away his hard disk containing the private keys of bitcoins which he had mined in The realization dawned on him when he read the news of a Norweigan man who made a fortune by buying BTC at a low price.

Bitcoins are mined on the blockchain network, and they come into existence when miners successfully mine Bitcoin blocks. At present, The last bitcoin will be mined in After that, no new bitcoins can be mined. Since , Bitcoin has consistently been making a profit except for 1 year. Yes, I deliberately missed one year: That happened mostly because of the MtGox hack in The fear of a blockchain hack engulfed investors, but it was not the blockchain which was compromised.

MtGox had several fatal and exploitable flaws. This hostility towards Bitcoin is because it works outside the jurisdiction of the traditional banking system. As long as you have an internet connection and a Bitcoin wallet , you can engage in Bitcoin.

Nevertheless, many countries have tried to ban it, like Bangladesh, Bolivia, Thailand, and Vietnam among many others. But there are some countries like Australia, Russia, Japan, and Venezuela which have made Bitcoin an official legal tender and are regulating it.

However, some countries like India and even the USA are unclear of their official policy regarding cryptocurrencies. This is the real beauty of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is considered by many as the most revolutionary breakthrough of the 21 st century after the internet. Numerous cryptocurrencies have come and left after Bitcoin. If you know more exciting facts about Bitcoin that I have missed in this article, then do let me know in the comments!!! He has a background in both finance and technology and holds professional qualifications in Information technology.

Hi Sudhir, Thanks for these facts about Bitcoin. Iknow that Bitcoin is already being accepted by a lot of merchants. The incident sparked allegations that the site ops were picking on furries because they were gay. Lowtax , the person responsible for the selection, stated that he chose the page because "it appeared to be written by a spastic 10 year old with ADD who was obsessed with becoming a magical humanoid fox and marrying another guy fox.

If that's not a ripe candidate for an Awful Link, God help me, I don't know what is. The fact is that it makes for some hilarious websites, and prime ALOD links. The image above is a recollection of what the initial poster assumed she had left drawn again. The original displayed was left laying around in the dealers room and was given to con staff.

The actual drawing had the grenade standing vertically, said "We are watching you! At the time, staff were perplexed and, although the logo of Something Awful is a hand-grenade, it was not a universally recognized symbol of the website at the time of incident. Equally, this hotel was right across the street from Bergstrom International Airport. Had the drawing identified itself as coming from SA, it would have been seen as harmless.

After being tipped off by furry and SA goon Labinnah , the con staff proceeded to catch and detain Vorpal Bunny and his pack of friends, attempting to force them to stay until they signed a form which stated they would not release anything to the Internet. This, of course, didn't happen. Video of the incident can be found here. Also of interest is an opinion article on the matter at nothingkat 's website , Something Awful In Texas.

On August 15, , WikiFur was invaded by goons from Something Awful only a few days after the project had been announced. At one point, pages were being maliciously edited every 45 seconds. However, the actions of Something Awful increased the visibility of WikiFur. This attracted more legitimate users than SA vandals. In January , JJcoolJ , a now ex-forum member and somewhat excommunicated from the furry community, organized users from the now defunct safurs channel on FurNet to spam an internal forum called "FYAD," or "Fuck You and Die" with furry porn.

Lowtax , after getting rather annoyed with having the obtuse-humored sub-forum filled with even more horrendous furry spam, created the Furry Concentration Camp, a sub-forum which acted much like FYAD, but disconnected furries from the main forum, with the apparent intent to discourage furries from spamming the site with unrelated and offensive images and other memes.

The furries who spammed -- and many others who didn't, but were labeled anyway for humorous effect, such as user Procrasturbator -- were placed in this sub-forum if deemed to be incredibly annoying. It also proved to be a place where members of FYAD could come in and ridicule other furries for their own humor.

For identification purposes, a "Furry Badge" was tacked to their "Sigs. However, after a few months, the furry goons took the forum for themselves and turned it into their own "Furry FYAD. In mid-summer Lowtax deleted the forum. Sibe and several of the furries participating in the furry concentration camp were later banned for being both spammers and annoying, disregarding moderator warnings and administration rulings against such behavior.

The channel became popular and well-known among the SA community when the Furry Concentration Camp see above was created. Many trolls , goons , other furries and anti-furries alike began to visit, stick around to chat, harass the users for being furries or use the channel as a make-shift portal to troll other channels on the IRC network. Forcibly, ownership was passed on to Bobby aka Squnq.

After getting bored, Bobby passed the channel on to Verix. At this point, the FurNet administration stated their belief in other users utilizing safurs as a doorway to trolling other channels on the network. Snowpony began monitoring the channel by idling and logging.

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