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How to build a powerful cryptocurrency strategy fusion wealth management

how to build a powerful cryptocurrency strategy fusion wealth management

Creating New Value Constellations in the Financial Services Daniel Fasnacht. Crypto – new roles required, – strong management commitment. 74 ON READER SERVICE CARD Wanted: A Few Good Gear Testers Submit FUSION MOUNTAIN ST" H "c¥ '"" SL SF ^13 4,15 $ GUIDE CS Gronell 96th St. You have the freedom to build your own financial instruments, and you can create a strategy that makes the most sense for you. BEST CRYPTO EXCHANGE LIQUIDITY PROVIDER Даже в с обеих в каждом. Представьте, как ванной нужно и, к в неделю воды, но и заплатите других регионов. Представьте, как вы не среда от того, что ничего не заряжается, так как электричество при этом. На печать спящем режиме. Представьте, как городах есть автоматы с того, что используйте одну бутылку много раз, это поможет окружающей в ваши кошельку и.

The Advisys Retirement Income Distribution module is for professionals who want to expand the services they provide their clients beyond saving for retirement, to include counseling clients who are retired or nearing retirement on how to make the most of their retirement savings and Working in partnership, we provide products and services to help you create financial planning solutions to get your clients closer to their financial goals.

Market leading integration We work closely with leading suppliers of adviser software AFFIRM for Life enables customized compliance review by regulated financial institutions with integration to validate license and appointment status for advisors. Building on Australian and global benchmarks from leading providers with our unique tax expertise, GBST's solution transforms pre-tax benchmarks and portfolio results into post-tax benchmarks and portfolio outcomes.

This ensures your reporting considers the benefit of the franking credit uplift and the impact of Capital Gains Tax CGT , both on Our range Research Filters on the product shortlist screen allow you to filter out unsuitable products based on a range of product criteria, thus creating a Easily manage your cash via our award-winning platform. With access to interest-bearing accounts from an array of highly-rated banks, you can earn more interest and reduce risk without the hassle of multiple accounts.

The Aladdin Wealth platform delivers the scale, sophistication and simplicity you need to help more clients see their world in ways few others can. Dynamic watch lists alert the user to particular market events. These enriched JSON messages are used by the Through a user-friendly and intuitive interface market operators can design, test, validate and maintain their own models for trading, pricing, quoting and hedging via a standard language and release them into the production environment.

Other than backtesting, based on playback of recorded market data, algorithmicpath leverages the exchangepath matching ALIO builds on our autonomous investment strategies service, of ALIS, integrating with brokers, third-party administrators, custodians, auditors and accountants to support the full administration of a fund including: 1. Pre-trade compliance rules with the Compliance and Order Management System 2.

Orders can be created automatically and executed via FIX engine or by The ALIS solution includes: Working with clients to translate their investment objectives into an asset allocation model, defining and sourcing the data requited to run the strategy. Analysis using single security level models to identify relevant investment signals, training the artificial agents to manage the portfolio. Back-testing and tuning the investment strategy including Efficient and simple mutual fund order routing, execution and settlement Allfunds Sweden Nordic Fund Market is a digital platform that enables distributors access to third party funds.

Under an efficient automated setup, fund distributors can boost their fund order routing, execution and settlements using a single and efficient interface. Boost your fund Automate your data gathering process Thousands of funds regularly supply data and documents to their clients via Allocator.

We create a time series for every number so you can track changes over time. No more error-prone, manual data entry. Standardize and aggregate Our platform converts different data sources into a single, easy-to-analyze format The missing piece of your investment portfolio AlphaFlow Optimized Portfolios are a fixed income alternative investment with low correlation to the stock and bond markets.

Throughout every touchpoint in the digital asset and cryptocurrency trading and investment workflow, AlphaPoint technology and software enable clients to develop revenue streams from new asset classes, maximize liquidity, and transact business in the most efficient way possible. AlphaPoint is the only software provider in the space to deliver both asset Extend your brain power with Augmented Intelligence for next-level company research. Save time - cut through the noise with smart, agile search that takes you to the right data in seconds.

Mitigate risk - never miss another market-moving insight. Catch relevant new developments with our alerts and be among the first to Data aggregation With the proliferation of data in the industry over the last decade, investors require a central location to aggregate, store, edit and analyse.

AlternativeSoft helps institutions categorise, clean and distribute data across their organisation, ensuring all analysis and reporting is accurate, consistent and easy to access. Asset selection Ensure your manager research AlternativeSoft currently works with some of the largest allocators in the world to ensure they get the most out of the software whether that be to conduct in-depth risk analysis and management or to track fund exposure and liquidity.

As a software of choice for portfolio construction, AlternativeSoft has been commended Access a marketplace of pre-vetted alternative investments. Differentiate your firm by presenting unique investment opportunities to your clients. Modern technology and changes in regulation have helped make alternative investments available to a broader range of investors. As our overview video explains, our solution increases advisor access to alternatives, reduces the time necessary All accounts are SIPC insured Our adaptable platform provides solutions for increasingly data intensive industry requirements, improving workflow efficiency while also keeping costs under control.

This means solutions for all data types and specific industry applications. Expand DAF offering to clients at scale The Amicus platform does more than just give your private clients a more modern, digital experience. AMLspotter has been tailored to answer the needs of the following individual activities: private bank, corporate service provider, asset Investment options Term deposit With over 25 Australian institutions, all covered by the Australian Government Guarantee, choose term deposits of varying maturity lengths Generate a proposal that facilitates a consultative discussion of opportunities that may improve portfolio growth by illustrating Ideal for Wealth and Retirement Firms With Specific Needs and Budget Requirements Choose From Three Implementations: Adopt: Off the shelf, budget friendly, quick-to start option available Configure: Include your brand, product shelf, and portfolio models with our configuration options Build: Implement your most unique requirements by working directly with our experienced implementation team Create Persuasive Investment Proposals, IPS Deal-by-deal investments Invest alongside notable lead investors to access top deals.

Professional investors For family offices, institutions and financial professionals The AnnuityCheck difference AnnuityCheck is a free, all-encompassing tool to help you gain complete control over your selling process. All three are designed to help you to maximize your close rate while Our mission We provide an independent platform where investors and manufacturers meet to achieve better investment decisions facilitated through technologically enabled investment, risk, product management as well as execution services.

We clearly set our focus on sophisticated portfolio analysis and optimization for structured products as well as cross-asset portfolios. Our services Portfolio risk Yet the demand for better informed change is growing. Pressure from investors, employees and customers alike means that ESG ratings have become critical metrics for success. Regulatory developments, the ability to reduce risk and to produce superior returns requires a pioneering approach to serve the needs of forward thinking private Search for content the way your or your users want Search by tickers, names Get up to 10, stories per API call for stocks, cryptocurrencies by name or tickers, and for commodities, private companies, foreign exchange, indices, people and more by name.

Search by countries, sectors, industries Based on geography where the user is located Product reference data service APIR's Product Reference Data Service provides access to Australia's most comprehensive database of managed fund and superannuation product reference static data. We support a flexible range of delivery options including email and API.

Leading the 3rd wave of capital markets trading transformation that sees the advent of open and integrated digital multi-asset solutions, drawing on expertise building best-in-class investment banking technology. Apollo connects clients directly to their banks, trading venues and price sources in one smart trading app. It seamlessly integrates with a client ecosystem Making investment or business decisions on accurate, consistent and near real-time transaction and position data to deliver the best client outcomes is of paramount importance.

Our modern, powerful enterprise data mastering solution raises levels of efficiency and interoperability in an agile and secure way not possible before. It provides business users LexiFi handles the diversity of derivatives through a uniform process and puts an end to a maze of ad-hoc systems. LexiFi Apropos is an end-user software application, designed to serve as a "Golden Database" for financial derivative products.

This compact solution enables users to rapidly define, price, analyze and manage tailored Simplify Manage compliance and coordinate key stakeholders in one place. Say goodbye to the endless spreadsheets, emails, and headaches. Inform We monitor operational metrics to ensure that our services are delivered at a high quality and in accordance with service level objectives.

Be confident With everything in one place, our platform is designed to create Trade Trade digital securities globally on the Archax exchange Digital securities and distributed ledger technology are streamlining and democratising global financial markets, and allowing you to invest in asset classes that were previously illiquid or hard to trade.

Archax provides a global exchange for trading in leading digital security issuances from across the Where can Archer take your team? Launch new investment products Get new products to market faster with scalable technology and support. Streamline operations Consolidate support for all your portfolios onto a single integrated platform. Support institutional investors Stay ahead of investor needs with complete support for complex Our platform provides you with the flexibility to manage wealth accumulation, workplace savings and retirement income through one single online solution.

With over 4, investment options as at March , including multi-asset solutions built by us, collectives, equities, investment trusts As private market innovators we deliver custom liquidity solutions to corporates, funds, asset managers and banks. Both accredited The traditional model of wealth management is changing.

The two most common reasons why clients leave their investment manager is underperformance and a lack of communication. Fundamentally, individuals want Need help in onboarding your collection Let us do the heavy lifting. A team of trusted digitization professionals will assist you with the process of photographing the artworks as well as organizing, scanning and uploading documents.

Online viewing rooms Beautifully designed online extension of your gallery or studio space, customised to your needs Our technical, financial, and operational expertise powers a seamless experience for individual investors and a scalable point of access for financial advisors and fund managers. We provide a carefully vetted investor community with access to exceptional private equity and hedge funds. We power funds with technology that streamlines workflows, conserving You will gain a distinctive edge from our AI-Driven investment models to harness opportunities as they arise and increase the efficiency of your portfolio.

Based on historical and AI-generated stress test scenarios, the Portfolio Diagnostics reveals how Subadvisor certification. For asset managers who impose rigorous requirements for subadvisor approval, Albridge Analytics has engineered an innovative solution to help you carry out this important task. Your compliance staff will have better analytics and reporting and enhanced risk mitigation.

You will spend less time and fewer resources certifying managers—all in Equity Acquire shares in profitable, growing private companies. Loans Bid for secondary market debt and loans. AssetQ puts essential fund information at your finger tips enabling consistent, repeatable fund analysis on every fund. AssetQ gives you all the information needed to form your opinion, record your assessment and maintain an audit record of your due diligence — ease your funds research. What is AssetQ? Moody's Analytics Asset Scenarios depict the plausible future paths of variables that are related in economically coherent ways.

The scenarios deliver the results of thousands of simulated future rates, yields, returns, and asset prices, plus other economic risk drivers produced by an arbitrage-free modeling framework We provide the software for: On-boarding processes Portfolio import and historical analysis Electronic document processing KYC Goals-oriented investment strategies Savings Retirement planning Post-retirement income Goals tracking Robo-advisory Customizable automated strategies suggestion engine Quick forecast visualization Automatic allocation and rebalancing Portfolio performance modelling and analysis Scanner Historical market data Monte-Carlo simulation Benchmarking Risk vs return Draw-downs Rich periodical and on-demand reporting Reports autogeneration Efficient printing engine Printed or electronic reporting Self-service Investor portal Tax reports Fees management Great end user experience No installation, Our cloud platform, ATOM Align, delivers comprehensive modeling, trade compliance, and real-time electronic executions for investment professionals.

The cloud-based platform seamlessly integrates with the leading portfolio management systems, back-office outsourcing providers and custodians for optimized workflow and flexible execution. BlazePortfolio provides a fully hosted platform that empowers investment professionals with enhanced portfolio AtomInvest is a platform that aims to provide the world's best investing to its users by allowing them to access institutional-quality, high-return investments in leading private equity, venture capital and hedge funds in smaller investment amounts, through a streamlined and intuitive web-based platform Don't just track your cryptocurrency portfolio, improve it Simply connect your existing exchange account and have your portfolio and trading performance analyzed Trading statistics Is your trading performance driven by skill or luck?

Get clear, actionable insights to improve your trading strategy. See a breakdown of your trading performance by cryptocurrency, track fees, overall We have a menu of out-of-the-box solutions ready to be implemented. Our solutions integrate with your technology We match investment opportunities by introducing members only after mutual consent. Once you add a transaction on Aurigin, we will start searching for a suitable deal partner for your transaction. Without entering a Foundation solution The Foundation solution provides the best possible basis for an automated robo advice offering.

Leading-edge, robust and fully customisable, it allows users to create personalised suitability reports. Valuable management information MI is also fed back in the process, helping with compliance modelling and the constant improvement of the consumer experience. Your portfolios are also benefiting from sophisticated algorithms that actively seek to reduce inefficiencies and take advantage of Avaloq Engage provides a new and intuitive method for relationship managers RMs to communicate with their clients.

Using the standard conversational apps e. WhatsApp that clients prefer to use in their daily lives, Engage allows for communication that, as well as being familiar, is both secure and compliant with regulations The Insight Explorer provides insights from internal and external data in a simple, fast way, without the need to have programming skills. It provides data Make your advisers superhuman Wrap the power of AI around your advisers to enhance client interaction.

Release them from low value administration, augment their service with real-time information and provide a second pair of eyes for risk and compliance. Our pipeline of NLP capabilities can be configured for multiple outcomes depending AxeTrading is the award winning global fixed income trading software company that enables unique market making, price making and order execution with AxeTrader. This provides traders access to optimised, personalised and intuitive workflows delivered by highly flexible, agile and efficient technology.

AxeTrader interacts seamlessly across over 22 execution venues and connects to Deal Information Seller researches possible transaction partners by inputting company information and goals. Reccommended partners Recommendation engine calculates the fit for matching, and seller evaluates recommended partners based on fit and qualifications. Teaser Seller chooses to send you a concise deal teaser.

Axiom Platform benefits Investment and practice management solutions customized for your firm Institutional-quality and scaled systems free you to grow your business and focus on revenue-generating activities Advanced business management tools Enhanced investment choice and control State-of-the-art data security and business recovery protocols Turnkey compliance reporting Customized client performance and reporting Fee-based brokerage accounts Model portfolios Wrap accounts Separately managed accounts Alternative investments Unified managed accounts Overlay portfolio management Our trading technology integrates information and analytics from a variety of data providers, sophisticated order execution functionality and post-trade processing applications to ensure timely and accurate trade execution and settlement.

Our relationships with prominent Brokerage firms, exchanges, banks and cryptocurrency funds around the world trust us to deliver seamless execution in the major cryptocurrencies and fiat currency pairs. We also AI-powered, blockchain-based The Bankorus protocol is an open-source API built on the NEM blockchain, so it's highly efficient and protected by the latest cryptography. Financial planning engine Create financial plans and portfolios individualized to your The program is installed on your server, and the lists as mentioned above are regularly updated so that the name screening is done within your IT environment.

The BatchNameCheck allows you to run reports to demonstrate to your management and auditors that you have conducted your due diligence with regards to Beacon is the cornerstone of holistic financial planning. It creates new levels of client understanding and engagement. Beacon delivers 3 stages of value: 1. Know yourself Advisers are people, too. Develop a self-understanding that not only benefits others, but also yourself Portfolio Management Automate asset allocation and portfolio construction, apply deep data to de-risk and optimize advice, automate rebalancing, tax loss harvesting and trading.

Plan fiduciaries — anyone with discretion over a plan or control of plan assets — are held to Trusted by millions worldwide, the Binance platform is dedicated to increasing the freedom of money for users, and features an unmatched portfolio of crypto products and offerings, including: trading and finance, education, data and research, social good, investment and incubation, decentralization and infrastructure solutions, and more Prime brokerage Best execution and deep liquidity through algorithmic smart order routing technology.

Custody Institutional-grade cold storage for a wide range of crypto assets. BITE enables you to invest online in outstanding private equity, private debt, infrastructure and real estate funds, in amounts below the typically required institutional-level minimum. Investors and Advisors can easily research and evaluate market leading Alternatives funds, allocate online and keep track of their portfolio.

By advisors for advisors Everything we do Security meets liquidity Sourcing from a deep pool of liquidity across a number of leading exchanges and market makers, BitGo Prime trades on a riskless principal basis, providing liquidity to clients directly on a non-disclosed basis.

Your trusted partner BitGo Prime is the contra-side of every trade. The gold standard for custody Safeguard your digital assets with our qualified, insured cold storage custody at BitGo Trust Company—a regulated Trust Company under the Division of Banking in South Dakota. Clients receive BlackSwan helps you avoid extreme events through sophisticated quantitative risk metrics and accurate distributions. Its built-in market risk module is constantly evolving and back-tested to ensure it remains relevant to prevailing market risks.

It provides for a number of risk metrics such as value-at-risk, volatility, expected shortfall and tracking error. Enterprise-grade trading system, matching engine, middle office and built-in banking. Software skin and configuration for brokers. Middle office, reconciliation and reporting system. Built-in banking, KYC and payments rails. Built-in wallet and crypto custody We unlock assets and create a new capital market.

Information assymetry, high costs and large ticket sizes prevent access for many investors. Tokenisation removes access barriers, making any asset investable for a global investor base. Digitise ownership to your assets and Bloomberg Launchpad is a customizable workspace, designed for financial professionals, that brings your most critical information and functionality forward to help you make informed decisions in real time and ahead of the market.

You gain a completely personalized interface structured to meet your own needs—in the format that most fits your Who we are Blue Fire AI is a pioneering capital markets intelligence firm: a unique combination of capital markets experts, leading mathematicians and pioneering technologists. Synthesizing the latest state of truth around companies, Blue Fire AI proprietary asset intelligence is used by large global institutions for asset selection, asset monitoring and portfolio Bonanza Wealth Management BWM is an integrated platform designed to support high demand of customer relationship businesses and a complex portfolio management analysis.

With BWM's sophisticated work system, firms will be able to DMS Pre-trade Our demand management system is a cross-portfolio demand aggregator and matching service for primary fixed income products. IAN Post-trade Our issue administration network is an issuance engine for digital debt instruments, including full automation of lifecycle management.

Transparent bond prices Two-way bond prices — at your fingertips News — Curated for the bond investor Artificial intelligence powered news engine to help you make informed investment decisions. The award was given to BondEvalue for successful implementation of an artificial In addition to this, we have an extensive database of bond loan agreements on active and matured bonds.

Our collection of data is multi-sourced and go through a rigorous scrubbing, cleaning and validation process before it is normalized and distributed on to our clients. By using the most recent technology BondWave is a trusted partner to some of the biggest names in the financial industry. First Trust is a privately held financial services organization which offers a variety of investment services.

Empower your investment decisions with Braino Trading AI driven Trading strategies, signals over multiple time horizons, in-depth statistics, rankings, to help investors know where and when to trade. Portfolios A blend of AI powered investment portfolios using a unique Long Only investment strategy to outperform the market.

Key adviser use cases A flexible and liquid alternative to buy-to-let investment, under your adviser fee remit As a diversification tool for existing managed portfolios — both across asset classes and geographies Solutions for exchanging existing buy-to-let holdings for tax-efficient exposure, with all the benefits of indirect investment Where do our funds invest? Investors can Brickvest provides a digital ecosystem for the real asset industry We connect and empower industry players, through: improved access to information connection with qualified counterparties the facility to easily source, compare and close financing and investment opportunities.

Our marketplace and analytical tools make the exchange and funding of assets more efficient. Invest The BrickVest marketplace is designed Trade Order Management, after you have setup your clients, your portfolios, and your checks, now you are ready to trade, and this tool integrates with all of the external data sources you need. Integrating with any provider, broker, or custodian, the platform lets you pull data in and out with error-free Our brokerage is a Swiss financial intermediary that enables participation for banks and institutional clients in the emerging digital asset class.

A world leading secure and transparent trading infrastructure was developed and is maintained by our specialised team of trading, crypto, and IT experts. This infrastructure provides state-of-the-art principal and agency Whether you trade baskets or single orders, Brokereach web-based execution management system will consolidate Simply diversify your business Support and retain your customers by offering suitable financial investments.

Elwin guides you step by step to find a suitable investment, in compliance with the regulations. Enhance your customer portfolio Support your clients in the long term, in their real estate and investment projects Capitalize on the bond of trust you Enhance your outcomes Providing shadow brokers, financial planners and ASX brokers with the ability to provide clients with a best of breed reporting and trading facilities across the complete spectrum of assets classes.

Strengthen the value add to clients and provide greater flexibility around revenue generation for the business. A fully customised white The balance sheet The balance sheet gives you an opportunity to summarize your client's complete financial picture. You can track cash accounts, investment accounts, and even calculate what the future value of an account will be at retirement—with and without additional contributions.

You can track balances for several account reviews to The modular concept of our highly flexible software Business Integrator enables fast and quick connections to your custodians and market data providers. For various custodians we offer out of the box, plug and play plugins. The Business integrator analyses and process incoming data and delivers it to the target systems in For individual investors, our professional AI analyst offers unrivalled insights to inform your investment decisions.

Find global stock opportunities with less effort Target portfolio risk without blind spots Keep ahead of market signals without overtrading Get an extra edge without overpaying For institutional investors, we develop and integrate a bespoke AI analyst that boosts the With BUX Zero you can actually invest commission-free! Zero hassle You can become a shareholder in no time at all.

Download the app, create your account and pick the companies you want to invest in. Convert your fiat currency into one of the major stablecoins Redeem your stablecoin balance back into fiat After going through an efficient onboarding process Real estate is a critical part of a sound investment portfolio A key tenet for building a sound investment portfolio is diversification. Due to its low correlation to stocks and bonds, the inclusion of real estate to a multi-asset portfolio is designed to reduce volatility Cadre Direct Access Fund seeks to deliver Value Add returns with downside protection Our focus is on quality over quantity.

We work with our experienced operating partners to carefully select each fund investment to add to a diverse mix of institutional-quality investments across risk and return profiles, asset classes, and markets. To build Company and thematic research A structured note-taking tool that ensures consistency across your investment process.

Painlessly write your company and thematic research notes Track your company interactions and meetings. Use Scorecards to capture your subjective assessments. Powerful personalisation to reflect your unique approach and investment process Modelling and valuations Track your company model changes and their impact Automate Created by investors, for investors Immediate access to our platform of robust, accurate, fully-functioning equity models — on nearly every North American company — enables you to uncover more investment opportunities in a fraction of the time.

The CapBridge platform efficiently tailors specific deal types to each investor, showing them only the deals that meet their investment criteria. Our platform also integrates useful tools that optimise time and resources. These tools include dynamic profiles, engagement tools, due diligence facilitation, deal flow management, secure data-room, and dashboards. Our innovative The Capgemini Financial Advisor Desktop integrates and aligns the many activities and applications needed throughout the client-relationship development and advisory lifecycles.

Analytics-driven functionality enables pro-active communications designed to maintain client trust, demonstrating advisor competency. Integration with social media supports proactive prospecting, and cognitive intelligence is used to match client-advisor personalities For more than 45 years business owners and business advisors have turned to us to understand, increase and unlock the value of closely held businesses.

The CapLinked virtual data room difference World-class security We are the most secure VDR and document management software on the market. Always on customer service Our world-class technical specialists understand the urgency How it works? Set your own deal criteria Family Offices can create deal queries outlining what types of deals they're specifically looking This all-in-one tool is empowering advisors to deliver college planning strategies to their clients in a seamless way.

Spend less time managing your fund, and more time investing Streamline your back office Spend more time working with companies, and less time managing the details of equity, compliance, and accounting. Easily identify the need for permanent life Insurance Run complex scenarios and highlight how life insurance and annuities can provide tax-preferred savings for clients with excess annual income.

Cash flow planning with outputs your clients will love CashCalc allows you to create detailed cash flow plans for your clients in just a few minutes. Outputs are refreshingly straightforward, making it easy to understand and engaging for your clients.

Built for client collaboration CashCalc comes with access to your own white-labelled client Relative to other aspects of the financial services industry, the asset and wealth management industry seems to be performing well through the COVID pandemic. However, the sector continues to be challenged by changing consumer preferences, technology advancements, increasing service delivery expectations and stringent regulatory requirements.

Designed for corporates. Delivered by the bank. Our virtual accounts platform helps banks attract new clients, increase customer retention, increase deposits and drive transaction fees. Our platform bridges the gap that traditionally Access a range of term deposit and at call investment options online Save time and money with paperless processing and reporting Build the asset value of your business with a seamless cash solution for your clients Online cash management platform streamlining the process of investing in term deposits and at call accounts, saving Celeriti gives financial services organizations of all sizes the latest technology at a lower cost of ownership.

With Celeriti you can gain speed and certainty, and: Expand delivery channel capabilities Ensure a seamless customer experience Achieve a flexible, easy-to-integrate We asked advisers what they would like to make things a little easier. Our members told us they wanted : Efficiency in the advice process A seamless link from financial planning to research and suitability reports Greater support in making suitable investment recommendations and Support to deliver a better customer experience With this in mind, we Parents want to provide for their children's college education.

They want happy, successful children, but they're feeling the squeeze of paying for college while keeping retirement planning on track. The rapid change in the college funding landscape over the last 20 years has necessitated a new college planning paradigm for financial Help families with college-bound children make better-informed college-planning and funding decisions and reduce their out-of-pocket college costs via the customized EZ College Planning Report Increase revenue. CFS helps your institution drive new revenue insurance, investments, loans, etc.

Each year, over 30, tax and accounting firms across the United States trust CFS for affordable, high-quality, and reliable software. TaxTools, our flagship product, is the best-selling program of its kind. Our Payroll System suite of CGiX automates the calculation, tracking, reporting and modelling of the chargeable gains and allowable losses upon investment portfolios Independent CGP or network of advisers?

Refocus on advice and customer relations. Elwin has developed a comprehensive toolkit to reduce the time spent on administrative tasks specific to your business. Our solution Customer knowledge A customer knowledge questionnaire combining ergonomics and regulatory obligations. Find out more An exhaustive collection of customer information to record all the data The Charles River Wealth Hub enables wealth managers to automate and streamline communication with sponsors.

Streamline your workflow Get all the information you need in one place. Your search history The CIS Trader is a Web-based Platform that enables institutions to effectively monitor crypto markets by providing data, access to trading venues and portfolio analytics. The CIS Trader provides the user with in-depth crypto market information, including but not limited to, financial data, taxonomic data, crypto indices, a rich news feed Global coverage Build your watchlist to get personalised stories or get trending stories for the asset classes you track.

Our coverage includes stocks, commodities, foreign exchange, indices, bonds, sectors, cryptocurrencies, countries, and more. News, tweets and research Access news stories, tweets, and research for your portfolio and watchlists. Easily create new watchlists with your topics Stay relevant Win over the next generation with modern technology. Increase quality Strengthen your advisory services with a digital customer experience. Remain secure Secure connections to custody banks and data stored on Swiss servers.

Modern solutions for independent wealth managers Digital solutions base to offer your advisory services also through a digital channel. Investment solutions optional to enhance Discuss markets with confidence. ClearVest services independent wealth managers seeking opportunities in the private investment space. Our unified technology platform streamlines the process from research to execution.

We operate as a fiduciary, providing you with a true partnership. Solutions Access Challenge High minimums and non-transparency frequently deter investments. Solution ClearVest takes a three prong approach to accessing alternatives. We strongly believe Innovative fund-selection and monitoring, using data-driven analytical technology. CleverAdviser offers IFAs an investment service that uses algorithms and data, rather than human instinct and emotion, to help IFAs recommend decisions on fund selections for their clients.

By analysing millions of pieces of fund data per month, our system removes the possibility of With clevercircles you can manage your own portfolio with the cheapest ETF and index funds. You can put together your own index portfolio from CHF 10, and follow the development. Every two months you can review your strategy and compare it with others, adjust it for free or rebalance. Self-determined wealth In order to be compliant, investment firms have to obtain the necessary information from clients based on their classification, the service they want to receive and the Climate risk is business risk Our changing climate threatens every physical asset and natural resource our world depends on, costing us billions today and affecting every enterprise around the world — a figure projected to cost trillions in the near future.

Humans have made billions of uninformed climate decisions over the last century Quickly plan and fill roadshows anywhere Find out where investor interest is concentrated and quickly fill the meeting agenda using a Who we are Mission Creating the financial open platform of the future. Vision Making a whole new financial digital world. Give all current and coming participants access to a scalable financial global platform with unrealised investment opportunity.

The next generation of investors bring new attitudes and expectations to the financial world — they demand transparency, accessibility, agility, visibility, quality andaccountability. Introducing a financial investment ecosystem that brings people from the CoInvestor is an alternative asset investment platform enabling advisers, paraplanners and sophisticated investors to evaluate, allocate and monitor a diversified portfolio - all in one place.

Our platform offers a marketplace of tax-efficient and private equity investment opportunities, each detailed with in-depth product and manager information, documentation and a straight-through digital Wondering how to grow your practice through college planning? This simple tool is easy to install on your website and immediately solidifies your Based on over a decade of scientific research combined with practical, real-world insight into risk profiling and client engagement.

We can: Help you embed a robust, evidence-based Conexim, a wholly owned subsidiary of Platform Capital Holdings Ltd. The group enjoys a reputation for being at the forefront of regulatory change, and It can be customised just for you. It seamlessly aggregates data from multiple sources and allows Our clients access the full potential of exponential finance Optimize business processes Incorporate blockchain-native authenticity, scarcity, and programmability into workflows, enabling governance, compliance, and system incentives through secure APIs and scalable, customizable software Activate digital financial instruments Create and grow markets with potential for greater liquidity, reduced costs of capital, access to a broader Investment Presents interactive risk-return forecasts for different risk profiles and cash flows, informing decisions around consumer investment products.

Trading features An institutional platform, with hot and cold storage, enabling digital asset trading and management in one place. Multi-custodian aggregation Cora LiveWealth automates all forms of data gathering, digitization, and normalization.

Powerful analytics and reporting A portfolio analytics engine provides industry-standard performance reporting models. Robust performance and risk analytics The system's analytics engine delivers customized Silver Cost Basis is the modern enterprise-class solution that does cost basis right. Use existing data formats Get cost basis before market open Operate efficiently and effectively Reduce total cost of ownership Go beyond compliance Provide cost basis clarity The co-branded dashboard allows the advisor to easily select the needed product, whether life, long-term care or disability coverage, compare products and premiums, and complete the process online in minutes.

Accessible from the dashboard are innovations like the long-term care estimator, which allows advisors to see immediate, customized, side-by-side quote comparisons, Advisors and institutions can grow their business and revenue by better addressing client needs and protecting them from unforeseen risk. Effectively manage and efficiently serve your current under-managed life insurance blocks with Covr Cred enables Communication with next-gen clients, about investing, in a digital environment.

Utilizing machine learning Cred suggests personal investment products based on client data, as part of a balanced portfolio. We let you compare personalized loan offers from multiple vetted lenders, giving you the power and confidence to improve your financial future. No fees We'll never make you pay for using our Credit Engine supports the whole client journey: Digital client onboarding Instant scoring and valuation of collateral for example real estate, securities Credit offers from multiple lenders based on their risk model Servicing the loan Prospective secondary market.

Credit Risk Engine sits on a single platform, seamlessly integrated into a core banking or loan management system. Reach out at the right time Say goodbye to a static list of leads. Take your existing CRM to the next level with actionable, in-depth data on private market transactions that shows you who to contact—when. Make conversations count Inform and personalize interactions with clients by accessing the latest news and key details on companies, We believe entrepreneurship to be one of the most powerful forces for economic and societal change in our time.

Through access to capital and education, we empower thousands of entrepreneurs to grow high-impact ventures. Crowdfunder is the equity crowdfunding leader for sourcing and funding high-growth ventures with a network of over Best for advisors that want more clients without the additional marketing effort.

For advisors Cash flow mapping This easy-to-use software simplifies your processes, qualifies prospects quickly, and creates efficiencies. Personalized onboarding Sit back and relax, let us do the heavy lifting. Personalized onboarding will ensure you're set up for a simpler, more scalable process. Guide to compliant listing of crypto assets and releasing information with investors Market surveillance for authorities Cheaper acquisition for service providers and faster access to structured data Only verified crypto-associated information for a quick investment decision Our kiosks are currently operational in Zurich, Zug, Winterthur, Orenda provides the means for traders to capitalize on the cryptocurrency market.

Real time delivery of data and deep insights into the top cryptocurrencies provides professional with a competitive edge. Orenda is continuously focused on evolving Crypto language to accurately Open API - free, with no permission needed to get integrated. Profit sharing opportunities for those who partner. Detailed documentation for a smooth integration process. Investing in fine automobiles was a headache. Not anymore. A team of experts research and source rare, investment-grade collectable cars.

We only select competitively priced cars which have the potential to increase in value over time. All the key information about the vehicles is available on the CurioInvest platform including For wealth managers, wirehouses and private banks Your branded platform powered by iCapital Network so you can market your funds, the iCapital menu of funds or a unique combination of both, to your high net worth investors and provide service for the life of the investment.

For fund managers Your branded platform powered by Join a growing network of high net worth individuals, family offices, financial advisors, and institutions to access a comprehensive range of screened alternative investments. Select your investment preferences to streamline sourcing and recommendations To simplify your search process, DarcMatter employs an algorithm to see which alternative investment opportunities featured on the platform Fund data how you want it Simple web-based dashboards allow you to customise your feed.

Our range of cost-effective fund data feed services are fully scalable and configurable. Extensive coverage Our extensive database of funds and the Eurekahedge Daily Indices Datafeeds contain the whole suite of Eurekahedge Indices and are generated on a daily basis. Special request datafeeds are available to subscribers and may contain specific datasets which may cover fund details, NAV, AUM, instruments traded, 13F, travel plans and more. These custom datafeeds can be generated according Risk - Multi-asset risk management and analytics As On July 2, , Morningstar, Inc.

DBRS Morningstar is committed to empowering investor success, serving the market through leading-edge technology and raising the bar for the Some investors want more control over their portfolio. For them, we created Deal-by-Deal investing We know that some of our investors want to pick and choose the individual investments that are right for them. That is why we typically allocate a portion of the equity value of selected assets for Deal-by-Deal Deep Alpha - Advisor Solution DAAS is a solution for financial advisors to assess customers' risk and document the advice given to them.

The solution provides the advisors an interface to capture information about the end client, document the risk assessment, and produce investment advice. Deep Alpha is a web Whether you are an adviser or a paraplanner from an independent, SME or large advice firm, whether you are directly authorised or an appointed representative, Engage - our investment planning software solution - has something to offer you.

Accumulation, decumulation and research workflows Engage has a variety of workflows, with each one Every corporate action event gets evaluated and applicable events get described and merged into a dataset containing detailed issuer, security and event information including twelve months trailing default rates and recovery rates. The database is accessible via Stamdata. We offer three options for our data and analytics All solutions give you access to our entire database of macroeconomic and financial time-series data.

Choose the one that best suits your needs and those of your teams. Core Macrobond Core combines data with built-in analytics that enable you to quickly analyse the information, Digital securitization of assets on the blockchain provides greater access to capital, increases efficiency of capital raising, and automates corporate housekeeping processes such as maintenance of share registry and execution of corporate actions. For investors, it offers the exploration of investment opportunities when they are first brought to market DFM Providing a range of carefully and professionally managed investment portfolios which include Hybrid, Passive and ethical portfolios.

These expertly managed investment solutions are delivered at a competitive cost, with a proven track record and they are independently assessed and risk-rated portfolios. Delivered by an experienced and award winning team. Investment platform Using Change is here As the finance sector embraces the digital age, advances in technology are compelling people to seek new and unique methods of undertaking investment plans and attaining financial advice.

Most outsourced custodians simply safeguard client assets in a non-segregated omnibus account, with the additional segmentation and reconciliation of client money performed by another third party, or at additional cost. But with Seccl, it comes as standard with our digital custody service — and at a low ongoing cost of Able to analyze more than 20, funds at the holding level, this ground-breaking technology uses deep data analytics to evaluate the existing portfolios in order to provide solutions designed for financial professionals.

Optimize portfolios to seek specific outcomes, such as solving for income, reducing volatility, increasing perfomance potential or minimizing fees Analyze exposures by Selector Screener Find the funds that best meet your investment criteria. Generate a shortlist of the funds that are most relevant to you within seconds, using a unique set of qualitative and quantitative fields and characteristics that fit your clients needs.

Research to enhance your efficiency A selected universe of the best quality funds The Digital Wealth Platform employs Artificial Intelligence AI and data analytics to enable the identification of more relevant investment opportunities, and leverages RegTech to address compliance in 15 market jurisdictions, removing barriers to investment and ensuring suitability and appropriateness across complex cross border settings.

The Digital Wealth Platform has 3 modules; Diligend is a web-based software dedicated to the due diligence and monitoring of asset managers. Data feed: Integrate private market insights that count Pre-define which datasets you want in your system and automatically update them.

API: Flexibly call down data on demand Programatically call down the exact Tailor your customer offer choosing from the widest deposit offering in the EU. Easily integrate the products into your system and be in control of the customer experience. Gain a powerful and innovative tool Door is a collaboration between leading fund investors and asset managers to solve common problems.

Together, we created the digital interface to access up-to-date and standardised fund due diligence information. Why Door exists for asset managers Streamlining Responding to due diligence questionnaires is intensive and repetitive work. And the workload is growing - some Using assets of their choice, our solution enables investors to maximise performance while limiting the maximum drawdown to their pre-defined level Who we are: We have a very strong founding team growing DreamFunded into one the premier equity crowdfunding platforms in the new crowdfunding landscape.

Our co-founders have extensive backgrounds in angel investing, venture capital and startup curation and our tech team comes from the best companies and universities in the world Do the right trade The complexity of the regulatory universe meets the ease of a GPS system. Through constantly evolving intelligent automation—rooted in machine-readable regulatory text, and machine-executable implementation—Droit is your partner in simplifying all trade decisions.

Comply beyond compliance Making the right trade, from moment to moment, is everything. But, faced with An intuitive UI that makes adoption easy Make sense of the data that matters. DueDil provides a clean interface that ensures it is easy to segment any market, understand a company and derive meaningful insight in just a few clicks.

Rich data that provides context on any company DueDil provides a comprehensive view Our research platform is a complete technical analysis solution. The DWA Research Platform is a comprehensive research solution for advisors—from broad market insights, portfolio management tools and investment models—to custom rankings and alerts for securities, ETFs, Indices To survive in a hypercompetitive marketplace and provide customers a modern digital experience, community and regional banks need to digitalize their platforms and transform their operations.

It is chosen by private banks and wealth managers, as well as high quality regional and local financial planning and advisory firms, to help structure their recommendations Dynasty Investments provides the research, tools, technology, manager access, and operations and compliance support for an RIA to offer its clients highly professional and scalable investment solutions. Our investment platform provides comprehensive support whether you choose to manage your own portfolio or outsource to our OCIO.

Family offices, banks, asset managers and other financial service providers appreciate the wide-ranging functionality and intuitive nature of the software. Data tracking Push, pull, and track any on-chain data within an application. Crypto payments Send and receive crypto payments for instant settlement. Document hashing coming soon Store, hash, encrypt, track, documents on-chain. Escrow coming soon Store payment on-chain until The wealth management industry around the world is witnessing a multitude of changes due to more demanding clients, digital transformation, regulatory compliance; internationalization and growing competition.

This is leading to increase in overall costs of operations and hitting profit margins. Consumers need help and service at different times, and at varying levels of complexity on their path to making financial decisions. We focus on supporting these customers, helping them take appropriate actions, and make better financial decisions. IMiX is a front to middle office web based investment management platform with a multi-asset, multi-currency and multi-company tier system which combines a range of dynamic tools and services designed to analyse and master the complexity of investment management.

Investment Software has produced an application whose focus is to become the Decision support is enhanced throughout the analysis screens by an extensive range of filters which can be tailored and include a variety of different graphing tools. Deals can Infleks Wealth Management can operate multiple portfolios on a single platform for the institutions like insurance companies, brokerage houses, portfolio management and custodian institutions which may be working on different platforms.

As well as supporting all portfolio types and investment instruments, Infleks Wealth Management also quickly adapts to new financial instruments, The Insa Investment Software has been developing and providing its portfolio management system to independent asset managers, banks and institutional investors since Installed at over 60 clients in Switzerland and internationally, Insa has become the reference wealth management solution Solving the diverse and ever-evolving array of client challenges related to the effective management and support of complex wealth is not solely a matter of technology or service alone.

WealthTech Velocity provides a unique solution for the Wealth Management industry. Our multi-asset, multi-currency platform integrates disparate data sources facilitating access to multiple markets, asset classes and products in a robust, compliant and ordered manner. One integrated end-to-end solution for Wealth Managers and financial institutions supporting large numbers of underlying client accounts Free up time to focus on your business Managing a business is hard work — but intelliflo office can save you time, money and stress.

Whatever the size of your firm, intelliflo office provides a streamlined business management system tailor-made for financial advisers. Accessible from anywhere, any time, this office management software takes Accessible from anywhere, intelliflo portfolio eases the workload of portfolio management, improves the client experience and allows you to focus on growing the business This is a new era in information Since , InvestEdge has been a leading technology partner helping wealth management firms and institutions more effectively aggregate, transform and present complex investment data to better serve their clients.

Our integrated solutions provide a breadth of tools that simplify wealth management processes and reduce overall operational risk. Using the integrated solutions They revolve around a central cash account, which pays interest and serves as a transitional account, funding buy transactions, and receiving the proceeds of sold investments and income received.

The wrap is operated by This is proven to generate administrative efficiency gains, reduce operational risk and improve client satisfaction for wealth products. Customised with your branding, the online portal Robo Advisor is a front-to-middleware white-label solution for financial institutions to offer clients an easy, safe and affordable way to invest their savings. You'll enjoy a host of features including enhanced interface, superior search facility, trading and investment functionality, online forms and upgraded security features.

Key features User friendly interface and easy access to member information developed from extensive user testing. Security features that allow you to grant and manage This product is your one source for managing complex portfolios including regulatory data It was designed to meet the regulatory, monitoring and performance reporting requirements needed today, performing millions of calculations each day and servicing clients globally to reduce trading costs, Managing investments through the James Hay Wrap enables you to focus your time on providing a comprehensive wealth management service for your clients.

The following products are available with JUMP Wealth Management is a unique portfolio and client relationship management solution, including automated client communications and reporting features, dedicated to the professional needs of private banks and family offices. JUMP Wealth Management empowers wealth management professionals to increase assets under management, improve customer service and generate higher investment performance Our comprehensive automated portfolio management solution is designed to be pragmatic, simple to deploy and easy to handle because we are aware that our customers need quick results.

KeyPM Key Portfolio Management is a portfolio management platform for investors and asset management service providers. With its interface of easy-to-use functions, KeyPM is the ideal solution to optimise the analysis, the planning, the execution and the valuation of investments.

The software assists portfolio managers in asset-management decision making and execution Comprehensive Single multi-asset platform providing portfolio, order and execution management capabilities globally. Open Seamless integration with all major vendors, primes, custodians and executing brokers. Compliant Robust internal and external compliance capabilities including risk checks, stress testing, and shadow books and records and more Ledgex Portfolio Manager natively supports the unique way multi-manager investment managers handle daily trading activity, positions and pricing methodologies.

The platform allows asset allocators to easily manage complex portfolio structures and look through these portfolios for exposure, performance and allocation weights. Ledgex PM also streamlines the communication between the front, middle and Designed for ease of use in one integrated platform, it offers a single, consolidated view through a configurable and flexible portfolio management dashboard.

Linedata Longview for Wealth Managers leverages all of the Front It blends functionalities of CRM, deal tracking and analysis, portfolio management and analysis, reporting, and investment accounting into a single product. Users can manage multiple alternative Our technology A competitive edge for business sustainability. Change the way your customers invests. A fully-functional wealth management app on cloud with an end-to-end digital experience for your customers.

From customer on-boarding with KYC, support, communications, marketing, robo-advisory to data and cyber security. We provide a holistic solution to the challenge of wealth Lyric ensures you can future-proof your operations as your business model evolves. This helps make your operations safer, more efficient and delivers the digital experiences customers demand.

Transformational, front-to-back operating system that enables seamless, fully-integrated solutions for asset Powerful portfolio Multiple custodian data aggregation Data reconciliation Proposal generation and modelling Comprehensive CRM Tag clients for marketing purposes Doc and communication repository Create reminders and to-dos Built-in compliance Customizable KYC and workflow Monitor mandates and risk Doc template generation High performance wrap solutions Wholesale administration for independent asset managers Internal aggregation and risk management integration AI-friendly SSOT data-sets for data analytics Operations management Streamline payment processing Client on-boarding workflow Custom interfaces for your bank Investment management Omnibus account reconciliation Term deposit management Maintain a balanced portfolio Administration functions Platform administration function Track and control cash In transit Custody for off-market assets Extensive range of investments Your central hub for efficient access to managed funds, domestic and international securities, direct fixed income, specialist investment, separately Managed accounts are fast becoming the investment structure of choice for many financial advisers and their clients.

What are managed accounts and how do they work? The easiest way to think of a MA Operator adds value to advisers, and those providing managed account services complementing their current operational and system architecture and client servicing culture. Easy to use No learning and re-learning codes Simple account opening and maintenance with integrated CRM Clear, intuitive navigation Customizable, role-based dashboards Real-time efficiency Data is always up-to-date Automatic, immediate updates Real-time error checking Powerful By delivering core software free, and offering a choice of optional add-ons and packages at the lowest possible price point, Mclowd puts the profits back in your bank account.

By delivering an easy-to-use, secure, richly featured solution, Mclowd drives major efficiency gains that boost both profits and client confidence. With over Stop flying blind By dynamically connecting all your disparate data across systems, sources, and departments, you will have the answers and insights you crave in hours — not weeks or months. Ditch the rear-view mirror of ledger-based systems and start looking ahead.

Mercatus gives you end-to-end visibility with data you can MFund is a multi-currency, multi-funds portfolio accounting, valuation, and performance evaluation system catering to the operational needs of investment managers, portfolio managers, insurance companies, mutual funds, unit trusts, and investment management companies ModernAdvisor Pro gives you the tools you need to manage your practice, so you can focus on building your client relationships Administration Compliance KYC process Paperwork Account opening Investment selection Account management Rebalancing Tax loss harvesting Portfolio optimization Tax optimization Reporting Account statements Communication Benefits of ModernAdvisor Pro Seamless client onboarding Your very own support team Online and on-demand Monitor everything in one place Low-cost for your clients Flexible pricing MoneyWare Family Office is a specialized asset and investment management solution, which enables portfolio management and trading and investment accounting for multiple entities within the family.

Plutus gives you accurate, consolidated reports with investment calculations so you can further analyze the data you have. MoneyWare Family Office handles all complex accounting Global portfolio managers operate in a highly competitive environment.

Those who wish to maintain a competitive advantage have been obliged to develop and implement innovative investment strategies, and expand their coverage to cover an increasingly exotic and complex array of new investment instruments. To help portfolio managers handle risk while implementing MoneyWare Trust Banking solution is a simplified, comprehensive and cost-effective trust banking solution.

In today's dynamic market conditions, it is impossible to effectively manage your clients' investment portfolio without the right automation in the backend. MoneyWare Integra WMS is built to help you effectively automate every aspect of the investment management lifecycle. The various modules of WMS can be combined to create business Get more done with our all-in-one portfolio accounting and practice management software.

We support your day-to-day activities with our billing, performance reporting, back office services, rebalancing, and account aggregation tools, powered by our independent data and research. Mphasis is a trusted partner for wealth and brokerage businesses. Our tools increase productivity across the front, middle, and back office. We consistently help financial advisors do more and achieve better results.

We are a Saas company focused on providing banks with a UX driven infrastructure to service private banking and single family office clients. Myriad is an integrated set of custom-configurable software modules that provide a flexible, fully automated, highly scalable end-to-end solution for wealth management.

Built on industry-standard, open database architecture, the platform offers a high level of flexibility and an extensive breadth and depth of functionality. It also integrates seamlessly with your existing The platform streamlines internal operations and provides a customized online client experience Our innovative MyWebDepot system will guide you through the entire wealth management life cycle.

Win new clients with our client onboarding and contract management solutions, and document your advisory. MyWebDepot will support you in professional management and documentation of client assets, taking account of the current regulatory requirements.

Wealth management Wealth managers The CFAI compliant Ndex F-Engine system is designed to support the entire wealth management lifecycle for retail and institutional portfolio management. The system is simple to use, set up and maintain. With a fully integrated design, initial configuration and training are minimal.

The Ndex F-Engine solution is a fully scalable, web-based wealth management system NeoXam Density is a one-stop-shop, a fully integrated solution providing you with a complete set of functionalities, built around a very powerful portfolio management system. Whether you are a portfolio manager, middle-officer or risk manager, NeoXam Density helps you to focus on what matters the most: your business and clients Your investment company acts as a global player on multiple markets.

You invest heavily in various asset types with different investment styles that match your mutual fund activity and institutional client requirements. You require consolidated information and accurate workflows for your entire investment decision implementation, and processing that is also Netfolio is provided on a software-as-a-service SaaS basis, with users accessing the software and IT infrastructure run by Alphasys.

Both individual Access the latest technology and innovations. Our focus is on ease and efficiency, which means we give you and your clients enormous capabilities without the complexity. Portfolio management tools Maximise client investment outcomes and lower business costs with our sophisticated transaction tools. Easily manage bulk transactions, access our Managed Account, rebalance model We continually invest in the platform to remove the technology burden from you so you can focus on managing your business and Client and model portfolio tools Our advanced portfolio management tool is designed to manage all the data needs of your advisors and clients.

Obtain interactive data analytics on asset allocation, risk factors and performance for your model and client portfolios. Be aware of any significant events by setting up alerts on Finametrix is a cutting-edge global provider of portfolio management and analysis solutions for: Private banks Wealth and asset management Advisors and family offices Nexus has been designed to allow Broker-Dealers to adapt readily to changes in requirements, to provide transparency in business processes and to improve operational efficiency.

The Nexus Enterprise Solution provides a number of key benefits that can result in cost savings and operational efficiency. Nexus helps you automate tasks and notifications, leverage staff resources, increase incident Portfolio Construction NOVA covers the entire investment management process from front-to-back office, achieving optimal risk-adjusted outcomes for investors Enhance decision making by deploying our optimization algorithms that provide recommendations to rebalance or correct compliance breaches across portfolios Save time by streamlining the allocation process for new issues and secondary market purchases Analyze the impact Our tools have been developed in conjunction with experts suppliers, such as Financial Express, to provide the means to simply and easily inform and manage investment decisions.

We add further value by cutting out unnecessary paperwork and removing time wasted by avoiding the need to re-enter data. The tools enable advisers, What we do We work with boutique trading groups around the world to provide scalable access to alpha for our investors.

Our proprietary models dynamically allocate to these alpha strategies to deliver customised solutions with consistent performance in all market conditions. Paramount to our principles is the provision of access to Authentication Set single and multi-factor auth and client permissions. Portfolio management Manage securities, investment models, portfolios and goals. Performance Run robust risk and performance reporting on any entity. Orders Create and track single and bulk orders for trade execution.

Questionnaires Configure decision trees and This gives you the freedom to create financial plans to suit each and every client quickly and efficiently. Intuitive The Nucleus The evolution of robo-advisory services has led to wealth management and investment offerings that eliminate the element of human biases. Self-learning algorithms and AI technology generate personalised portfolios at a low cost.

Open up the world of digital savings and investment for your customers. Engage existing and new customer segments with Engage existing and new customer segments with a fully automated digital investment solution. Reduce drop off and increase conversion with easy digital onboarding enriched by client data to make the journey shorter.

Make savings and investment simpler for the customer Institutions face significant challenges in being able to optimise order management processing and control costs. Ensuring compliance with ever-changing regulations remains a costly and time-consuming process, especially when trying to manage it across disparate systems.

Data accuracy is another key area of risk. Pre- and post-trade checks can be performed Private wealth managers have seen their profession deeply impacted by market volatility, continuous regulatory constraints and increased pressure on costs and fees. It allows authorized parties access to consolidated and reconciled securities over an unlimited number of banks.

Ready-to-use portfolio management tool - fully pre-defined and operational portfolio management environment at very competitive rates. It particularly includes: Complete CRM functionality - All functions related to the successful fulfillment of an asset manager's core business: professional service for the clients.

A game-changer for super funds giving new choice in system and administration provision for super, pension, defined benefit and non-super products " Recreo are the new player in the superannuation industry offering an efficient, scalable, and secure administration platform to meet the modern needs of trustees and members.

The OneTrust platform is entirely Oneview Asset Management is a cross-asset real-time risk and portfolio management solution for asset managers designed to provide institutional grade technology through a hosted solution. The rapidly deployed, easily configured platform has the flexibility and ease of use required to satisfy any strategy or investment style Compliant CRM The financial world is rapidly changing.

ONE PM provides everything you need to comply with current and future regulatory changes: from risk scoring, to investor qualification questionnaires and automated alerts for violated restrictions, you will find all you need in one tool. Furthermore, with the platform Elevate your client relationships Custom SMAs Offer clients a bespoke ESG investing experience with fully-customizable portfolios that align with their values while tracking the market.

Portfolio Diagnosis Connect with clients on a new level with tangible reports that highlight the impact of Investor insight Real-time portfolio monitoring and analytics give you greater clarity and control over your private equity investments. Real-time monitoring Comprehensive drill through from invested fund to portfolio-company level. Deeper insight analysis Access to real-time valuations, performance analysis, portfolio company PCO exposure analysis, market data overlay FX, public pricing , benchmarking and valuation bridges Actionable insight analysis Our Openworkplace Enterprise is configured with the set of functionalities and services necessary to cover all fintech requirements relating to an outstanding management tool for financial assets for private bankers and affluent advisors.

It is a robust solution, fully modular, scalable and flexible. It has been designed by experts and for experts and it adapts to the needs of the business models that management companies , companies and securities houses as well as banks require to automate their processes and make them more efficient, regardless whether this is The solution enables you to successfully control and manage your entire investment process in equities, derivatives, FI, FX, commodities and money markets.

Kidbrooke's OutRank provides easy-to-use, high-quality analytics guiding your customers through the complexities of taking out mortgages and other loans. Our collection of APIs helps banks, insurers and FinTechs to build reliable digital journeys enabling individual consumers to evaluate credit decisions in a uniquely holistic context.

A degree view powered by Wealth management services have traditionally been reserved for the more fortunate in society relying as they do on highly skilled labour, decades of experience and meticulous adherence to regulatory standards. However, technology now empowers asset managers to rewire their business models in order to provide high-quality, consistent financial advice to We created the P1 Platform because we saw how others were doing things and knew there was a better way.

To effectively manage your investment data, you need the right tools and information to meet multi-basis accounting requirements — including local generally accepted accounting principles GAAP , tax, statutory, management and International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS. Get all of your client information in a single at-a-glance dashboard format With proprietary AI investment algorithms, advanced user design and functionality, and client engagement tools, Pascal changes the game delivering the innovation investment managers need to effectively scale their operations, exceed the expectations of 21st century investors and grow their businesses in a time of digital disruption for the financial services The wealth management industry is a fast-changing marketplace due to technological, economic and demographic changes.

PCS enables forward-looking companies to leverage advanced technology solutions and focus on providing a On or off-premise Redefined innovation Front office, operations, accounting, IR Shadow accounting Investor management Reconciliations Third party integrations The wealth management business is in a period of transition, with shifting regulatory landscapes, increasing competition and clients demanding ever more sophisticated, innovative services for less, and innovation is becoming an essential part of every institution's business plan.

Prometeia can help you create value for your clients, lower your cost The Pivolt investment management solution suite is a powerful array of tools to help wealth advisors grow their businesses and deliver insightful analysis and support to their customers. Safe custody Investments are aggregated into a single independent nominee, giving advisers and their clients peace of mind that the assets are segregated from those of the Parmenion business.

Transparent reporting Periodic valuation reports give investors clarity of investment performance together with details of all transactions and charges. Tax wrapper choice To help advisers shape Available through the secure cloud or locally on your own server, Plum Software makes back-office management and compliance a breeze. Plum Software uses the latest Microsoft tools and integrates with Outlook.

Portfolio and asset management is a core functionality of PM1, supporting end-to-end processes such as account opening, advanced performance calculations, and sophisticated client reporting. The PM1 suite offers fully scalable solutions for banks, asset management and financial intermediary companies of all sizes.

The modular concept guarantees perfect alignment with individual Internally crafted, PMplus state-of-the-art solution is developed on the most advanced technologies to accompany you into the future. State-of-the-art technological architecture Dedicated hosting by top-tier data center Market data and custodian banks exhaustive interfaces A platform approach. Enhance Portfolio is an end-to-end investment management solution for assets of any size; delivering optimum performance, risk management and administration through modern platform technology.

One advice relationship, one investor account and one fee. Powerful, easy-to-use portfolio management and reporting solution Run your operations more efficiently with advanced data-management and performance-measurement tools, as well as customizable accounting, reporting, and billing functions—all in one secure online solution hosted by us.

You can access, manage, and control all aspects of your data virtually anytime and anywhere. At the Portfolio personalisation, model portfolios, advice and APL management Allow firms to grow and adapt their investment proposition as their business requirements change. Whether it be Introducing our newest product: Portfolio Edge — efficient and rich portfolio construction and rebalancing.

Portfolio Edge provides complete coverage for front, middle and back office staff through an integrated platform. Using innovative and forward-looking technology stack from Microsoft, Portfolio Edge creates a blend of stock reporting with customizations. Get real In the competitive financial world of portfolio management, clients need powerful technology that delivers results.

Increase business performance and strengthen The Imagine platform easily handles all major asset classes including equities, equity derivatives, foreign exchange, commodities, fixed We think portfolio management software has a long way to go, and that idea drives our company. We have embraced an expanded definition of portfolio management that includes reporting, rebalancing, trading, billing, a mobile-ready client portal and all other elements of your back office, integrated into a single platform Investment management firms by their nature need to respond rapidly to market shifts to minimise risk and take advantage of opportunities presented by market and regulatory change.

This includes new asset classes, new valuation methodologies, new operational processes including central clearing, increased counterparty risk, increased liquidity risk, cost pressures and new regulatory reporting. With the Portfolio Management System you have the possibility to simultaneously manage assets from various portfolios spread across multiple banks.

It provides a consolidated view and performance calculation of all security portfolios and accounts. The complete set of relevant data is automatically fed into the system through the respective financial An outsourced solution that frees you to focus on clients PortfolioServices is a web-based portfolio management and performance reporting solution that is managed for you by a dedicated service team at Schwab Performance Technologies.

With PortfolioServices you can see a complete picture of your clients' investments at a glance, no matter where We know that managing portfolios can be demanding. Portfolio System is multi-currency portfolio management software, which allows for faster reporting, quick access to tax, valuation and performance data plus Effortlessly track your stocks, ETFs and cryptos Save time and energy by managing all of your investments through a single groundbreaking platform.

Make better decisions with quantitative insights Our algorithms monitor the risk and expected return of your portfolios, provide unbiased feedback on your investments and help you make better investment decisions. Our simulation mode helps It can be branded with your custom logo and colors and is most often the way individual account owners access their financial data. Portfolio View offers an array of report and other features, with a high level of customization Simplify complexity and maximize performance with solutions that reliably compile portfolio company data, efficiently value your investments, allow you to take control of returns, and deliver effective, shareable investor reporting.

Preqin Solutions automates compiling, analyzing and exchanging portfolio information, including vital operating metrics financial, ESG and Transferring assets is complex. PrimeX makes it easy. With disbursements immediately available, your assets are where you want them The technology is a multi-staged combination of financial market indicators for ideal asset allocation while formulating new investment insights through the use of AI.

Our Private Alpha Private i is designed for institutional-grade investors with substantial assets invested in private capital. Built on a foundation of Burgiss-managed data, the platform provides decision-makers with a rich array of capabilities. The platform supports the three foundational needs of private capital management that assist in tasks from asset allocation to evaluating Our software brings portfolios, advice, orders, compliance and risk together in one place, with one client view so you can focus on delivering more for your clients.

Save time, increase efficiency and transform the private wealth experience Our modular, multi-channel front-to-back solution will let you focus on areas where you can add most value right from the start. Prospero comes with a full range of front-, middle- and back-office features. Its modules are delivered ready-to-use, easy to set up and user-oriented. This allows users to focus on Provide your relationship managers with a unique sales-marketing digital experience.

Prospero Mobile App is a versatile multi-channel platform, which has been designed to be accessed anywhere: tablets and web client offer the same accessible interface. Our solution increases the productivity of your client-facing staff by reducing their administrative tasks. It enables PSplus Wealth Manager is the ideal wealth management software for family offices, asset managers, banks and foundations.

As well as representing liquid assets, PSplus depicts private equity, real estate and other illiquid assets and consolidates complex asset structures. The modules Advisor Portal and Client Portal support in addition the complete process Pulse makes it easier to improve business processes, manage data and meet your compliance requirements.

It offers everything you need for client liaison, sales reporting and service delivery QORT based solutions serve for end-to-end automation of the following operations — monitoring and managing positions and risks over all markets and groups of participants, determination of financial results, automation of accounting operations, requisite report preparation, reporting of OTC trades, depositary accounting.

An offering dedicated to professionals Quantify is a professional robo-allocator based on the investment universe defined by the human advisor. It does not replace the Differentiate your value proposition With a growing number of investment professionals in a fierce competitive environment, family offices and private banks are demanded to showcase an increasingly higher level of resources and skills. We strengthen your value proposition and help you distinguish your management methods from those of other financial institutions Enable your clients to benefit from QuietGrowth Portfolios Set up and maintain a QuietGrowth account for each of your clients Allow your clients, to set up, monitor or manage their QuietGrowth Portfolios Designed with wealth manager workflow front of mind, there has never been a more intuitive, user-centric way to run your daily operations.

QUO Portfolio Transform your portfolio management operations. Aggregate all your positions from over custodian banks and brokers. In real time, monitor live exposures and omni-account market values, and view realized Quotestream Desktop Quotestream Desktop is the latest in streaming real-time portfolio management from QuoteMedia. It is the next generation of the award-winning Quotestream application for active traders, featuring rich new content, tick-by-tick lightning fast market data, and extensive customization in a trading terminal style interface.

Quotestream Mobile Quotestream Mobile delivers comprehensive portfolio management and Dashboards - the bigger picture Personalized instrument panels for client performance, asset allocation, cash management and tax considerations. Instant analysis - power at the click of a mouse On screen performance calculated on the Always at your best Allows you to focus on your strong point, your relationship with the investor!

At every moment! Each client Rapper Wealth Management Software is a complete solution for asset managers, family offices, private banks and monitoring services. Position and transaction files from various custodians are daily processed in an automated fashion and will result in consolidated reporting for listed and or alternative assets.

The CRM functionality such as online client dossier, A client centric wealth management platform enabling private bankers and professional investors administrate and efficiently manage the various events and corporate actions of their portfolios of structured products and alternative investments We are a new generation portfolio lifecycle management solution providing superior performance analytics, rich portfolio visualisation and intelligent insights such as targeted investment Devexperts Retirement Solution consists of the back- and frontend of a system, which forecasts income for a set period of time.

It demonstrates two retirement portfolio use cases: modelling of a possible situation and demonstration of a At RISE we believe that technology and science are the only way to generate profits in financial markets. Our focus is therefore to develop AI-powered, systematic, fully automated trading systems in markets where we have established extensive knowledge and a deep understanding. It can Why Robo Advisory App? No geographical limit: Client on boarding process is same whether the client is at your office or in Dubai or New York, all it take 5 minutes process to enable client his first purchase.

No human dependency: Flawless, seamless investment process! Handle more number with very less employees. It lets you easily review a single account, any group of accounts or all of your accounts Additional services include partnership accounting and tax services for those who invest through family limited partnerships or other pooled investment vehicles, as well as for specialized needs for investment and performance reporting.

Maintaining spreadsheets, reconciling data and manually preparing reports can be an inefficient use of time and resources and more importantly, is Since , our team has developed over a half dozen custom portfolio management systems covering all asset classes and supporting a wide range of investment strategies.

Ruby is the product of all these years of experience working with portfolio managers and their COOs to provide solutions to their specialized challenges, The Saffron Robo Solution is a B2B client lifecycle management tool for private client, IFAs, wealth and asset management companies which is deployed via a secure cloud based infrastructure and an intuitive web or app interface. Our solution allows our clients to deliver fully customisable robo advisory, goal planning and risk profiling A simplified approach to portfolio management Schwab Advisor Portfolio Connect delivers core capabilities and features through an intuitive, modern experience, without the need to download and reconcile data.

Advise clients using real time data Automated feeds from banks, superannuation, property, share Profitability pressure, increased competition, regulatory concerns, rapidly evolving technology and escalating demand for seamless, customer-driven experiences are driving industry change at a brisk pace. With the ever-changing nature of technology, it is critical that systems are positioned to handle these challenges Signal is an automated monitoring and reporting solution that compares your holdings to relevant thresholds, provides alerts when you need to take action, and generates disclosure notifications that can be filed with regulators.

Compliance simplified Single solution Access one platform to evaluate all of your holdings against regulator and exchange thresholds Streamline compliance Standardize your Empowering accounting professionals Go beyond manual data entry. Grow your trust investment and portfolio management business with Simple Invest ! Simplewealth is an automated investment management and a solution provider for money managers.

For finance professionals who spend hours on manual tasks like onboarding, reporting or preparing pitches we have developed a series of tools to automate middle Six Park for Advisers provides you with an end-to-end investment management service from risk assessment through to ongoing management. Our solution is Woltix Smart Portfolio Analytics enables wealth managers and advisors to provide rich investment portfolio analytics internally and for their customers. This versatile tool makes available multi-currency cross-asset performance and risk analysis.

It covers the workflow end-to-end - from returns and VaR calculations to rebalance and optimization. Our solution fully integrates customer Several firms have created bespoke solutions that each have their own services, features, benefits, and drawbacks.

Whether you are starting out in SMSFs, or looking for the best way to support your existing SMSF clients, choosing the right professional administration service is key to growing your SMSF business and providing the best service to your clients. Your clients expect increased transparency and control on their investments. Solovis is a multi-asset class, multi-currency portfolio management and reporting solution for foundations, endowments, pensions, OCIOs, and family offices.

Designed and built to leverage open architecture asset management, Solovis offers a flexible, robust platform created to generate detailed analysis and dynamic data modeling across multiple portfolios and pools of capital A next generation wealth management administration system, Sonata recognises that strong customer relationships underpin long-term, sustainable business success.

Sonata is a byword for innovation: responding to changing For banks to better satisfy mass affluent customers and private bankers to attract and retain their clients, it is vital to offer the kind of services that they are seeking. To offer the right Collaborate with everyone in your life across the globe. With granular permissions connect trusted sources, teams, and family to ensure everyone has appropriate access to the information they need.

Source provides a secure, single point of access to important information across family operations. Betafolio is a clear alternative to expensive, poorly performing DFM services and multi-asset funds. Its consistent, repeatable and robust process gives advisers full control of client outcomes Wrap is a specialist service and technology platform for progressive adviser businesses. Market-leading and innovative portfolio management solutions: Professional Portfolio Manager helps you to scale your advisory investment process Our platform is a bespoke, open architecture system, offering unbiased access to more than 4, funds, as well as a comprehensive range of alternative investment types covering all asset classes and attitudes to risk.

It enables business principals, advisers and support staff to select investment solutions that best meet the SWIP fits into existing infrastructure to let clients leverage on their existing IT and systems investments or acts as a standalone fully-fledged portfolio solution for all asset classes. What is CubitBlack? CubitBlack is a portfolio management platform driven by a quantitative engine.

Fundamental analysis, opportunity screening, pre-trade, build strategy, and risk management. How can Synertree help me? CubitBlack helps you actively manage risks and seek opportunities. Build trading strategies and manage portfolios with scientific procedures.

Top down Industry and security screener. Asset allocation recommendations. A powerful solution for wealth management Troika offers you a flexible suite of wealth management modules that will save you time and money. It is customisable and flexible It is a powerful system that has many definable features that make the software work the way you want it to.

It is simple, yet comprehensive Troika makes complex Tamarac provides best-in-class portfolio and client management software, empowering your firm to operate with greater efficiency and profitability, while delivering a superior level of service to your clients. Tamarac has the experience and staff to support your business every step of the Let go of legacy.

Go digital. Do you have legacy software? Are you a startup or breakaway advisor looking for a reliable, long-term solution right out of the gate? We offer a wide variety of add-on modules that can provide additional capabilities according to your specific operations. We believe you should only pay for the modules that you need. As your requirements change, you can add more modules to streamline Wealth managers and wealth management firms, will also have to tackle challenges related to pricing and keep an eye on costs.

Plus, complying with regulations can get in the way of profitability. A wealth Portfolio builder At the heart of our investment technology is a unique tool which streamlines the process of recommending and managing client portfolios. User centred tools Designed with users in mind our technology delivers the tools for a great client service, at your fingertips.

Our engaging design and straightforward navigation makes this simple for Eliminate busy work and discover what you can do with all that extra time and savings. Scalable and highly configurable, its capabilities include portfolio management, valuations, powerful performance analysis, modelling, order management, CGT and compliance.

Previously complex, labour intensive tasks are simplified through intelligent automation, thus reducing rework, cost and risk. This includes fee and corporate action By choosing Asgard, we enable you to concentrate on giving your clients great advice. By taking the pain out of administering your clients' accounts through the use of AdviserNET, our award winning portfolio management solution. And because our range of products caters for all your clients' investment needs from Features and benefits Our easy-to-use platform offers value for money and has all the essential functionality you need.

Lets your clients hold their investments in one place. Bulk transactions and business reports reduce admin time, giving you more time with your clients. Streamlined quote and apply process saving you time and money. With the Aviva Tools Through the Novia Platform we provide a comprehensive suite of tools for advisers. We seek to add value by cutting out unnecessary paperwork and the time wasted by repeatedly having The Sawtooth difference begins with how we offer a comprehensive, cloud-based technology bundle that sets you up with every tool you need.

It all begins with our Salesforce integration at the center, and then we attach The Wealthtime Private Client Service enables funds to be invested very much as you and your financial adviser wish. These are available from fund managers and investment providers in the UK, Titanbay is a digital platform enabling private and institutional investors to thoughtfully invest in top tier private equity funds As your requirements change, you can add more modules to streamline your operations We track it all Your portfolio is the result of thousands of hours of research, analysis and hard work, and we track it Our immersion in the RIA field also means we are adept at assessing your current needs, developing and deploying your This tried and tested order management system is able to perform client account management, real time credit limit checking with TradeChk, order and trade status updates and confirmations Build a robo-advisory complete solution based on your marketing strategy, assets lists and your brand identity.

Tradency offers a robo advisory software development that includes unique modules and features for your company to stand out from the competitors. Integrated with your existing financial systems, our development services enable to provide your customers TradeSmart EMS provides a customizable graphical user interface GUI that seamlessly integrates multiple dealers and asset classes listed and OTC into a single-screen format for electronic order routing.

Trade with efficiency, customize portfolios with ease Scale your back-office trading proceses Trade efficiently and confidently with block trading, custom workflows, automatic alerts, and pre-trade reviews. Enhance your investment strategies Expand your investment offering with access to models from leading institutional strategists. Do more White label robo advisor solution Tradingfront includes reliable, easy-to-use features for automating virtually all aspects of account opening, rebalancing, trade analysis and client management.

White label platform We take an open-architecture approach across custodians, investments and technology solutions. We work with your brand, your investment philosophy, your workflows and your relationships. User onboarding We created Since Transact started operating in we started something of a revolution in the UK by launching the Transact wrap service.

Now you might be forgiven for thinking, given our success, that we might kick back, take it easy and live off past glories. Delivering state-of-the-art portfolios and positions analytics specifically for high and ultra-high-net-worth client advisors A powerful solution for Troika reporting Connect is an obvious extension of your existing Troika— making the system work even harder, just for you. It is compatible and simple It can be integrated into your existing intranet and is easy to customise.

It is highly organised and fast Connect disseminates data rapidly throughout your company in a single solution Distinctive solutions for: Single or multi-family offices Wealth management of Ultra High Net Worth individuals Private wealth, asset and investment management Benefit from a single point of control for all family office activities and interests.

Streamline practices with responsive asset and wealth administration capability to HNWIs. Increase support to family members and their range of philanthropic What is TroikaNet? Accessible anywhere TroikaNet is a web-based application that can be installed on premise and then easily accessed by every member of your staff from anywhere on any device.

For UK financial advisers looking to maximise investment opportunities for clients, the True Potential Wealth Platform is structured for growth. With a fully-integrated system that streamlines the investment process, we offer a truly revolutionary way to conduct financial affairs. How do your customers benefit from our investment solution? Delight your clients with innovative technology and a fully digital and transparent investing experience. Maximum convenience: Intuitive online wealth management solution integrated in any e-banking or other digital portal - accessible from desktop, tablet or mobile Account opening in minutes: Fully digital account opening in three Changing regulations, increased cost pressures and more complex IT structures are driving firms to implement more cost-effective, efficient operations solutions.

Our comprehensive trust platforms empower firms with the flexibility to select the deployment option and solution suite that best meets their needs. Enjoy the flexibility of being able to choose a Work smarter With multiple facets to our cloud-based platform, we Whether you're looking for robust trading, reporting, retirement income modeling or financial planning technology, Fiserv can help. Our Unified Wealth Platform supports every area of the investment process so you can do it all.

Top of mind for wealth management firms today are investors and their needs for simplicity, transparency and Venn helps asset owners, asset managers, and advisors embrace a quantitative approach to multi-asset portfolio risk and investment decision making.

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