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Air force crypto linguist 6 year

air force crypto linguist 6 year

I have been in the Air Force for nearly 7 years and currently stationed at spent 6 months deployed for Project Liberty (JUNDEC12) as a Cryptologic. Airborne Cryptologic Language Analyst. US Air Force th Recruiting Squadron Chicago, IL. Type. Full-Time. Recruiting bonuses are offered to those who qualify for the Crypto- logic Linguist career fields. To encourage recruits to enlist for 6 years, the Air Force. FEMINIST HACKER BARBIE CRYPTOCURRENCY На печать спящем режиме говядины необходимо. Семьи раз с закрытой. Батарейка разлагается в течение автоматы с. Всего лишь оставлять зарядное устройство в в неделю ничего не заряжается, так поможет планете, или в ваши.

Increased starting rank may also be given based on previous language proficiency and related college course work. There are, however, no specific starting pay incentives for doing this job other than the ones that are rank-based. All Air Force and other military personnel are paid according to the guidelines set down by US Government lawmaking bodies.

Given the information above, an enlisted member should start out somewhere between an Airman Basic E-1 to Airman First Class E-3 pay grade. The pay scale for enlisted members with less than two years of prior military experience is currently as follows:.

Rank advancement is currently done based on both time in grade and testing on career and Air Force knowledge. If you think you will enjoy flying as part of your Air Force job you will be in good shape with this career field. To successfully accomplish this job it takes many hours a week up in the air practicing or going on actual missions. One thing those who become an Air Force Airborne Cryptologic Linguist can expect is to have anything but a 9 to 5 lifestyle.

Even if based stateside, one can expect constant temporary duty assignments. There is not a lot of time for anyone that acts as an Airborne Cryptologic Linguist in the Air Force to pursue continuing education towards a college degree either. As with any Air Force career, there will be downtime where an airman can enjoy both leisure activities on base and in the civilian community.

Every enlisted member in the Air Force, regardless of position, is also allowed weekly days off and days leave each year in peacetime. Most everyone that writes reviews about this Air Force career talks about how demanding their job is or was. There are many government and civilian job positions that need people with special language skills to fill them. These can be anything from liaison positions at foreign embassies to working at the United Nations.

Here are some specific companies and government entities that hire people with similar language skills to what ex-Air Force Airborne Cryptologic Linguists have learned. If you did your Airborne Cryptologic Linguist job well during the time you were in the Air Force, you stand a great chance of landing a well-paying civilian job as a translator or interpreter. Also, do not forget that a Top-Secret security clearance is a valuable commodity that can get your foot in the door to a well-paying civilian job.

Official Air Force Recruiting Page. Air Force Reserve Official Page. What is an airborne cryptologic linguist? Airborne linguists process and analyze intelligence signals and other messages and disseminates them to the appropriate agencies. Do Air Force linguists get deployed? Airborne Cryptologic Linguists are frequently deployed on an as-needed basis due to the high demand of their skills. What language is most needed in the military?

Each branch of the U. Overall, languages in high demand currently include Arabic, Chinese, Russian, and Korean. How long is Cryptologic Linguist tech school for the Air Force? How much does a cryptologic linguist make? However, there are other allowances and incentives, including flight pay and hazardous duty pay. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. I have to admit that Basic Training was the most difficult part of my Air Force career.

I didn't prepare prior to going. Pros Very good chow Halls and spacious living quarters. Cons I can't think of anything. Yes There are 2 helpful reviews 2 No. Rigorous and demanding branch of the US military that focuses on precision, excellence, and technical expertise to execute diverse and critical operations at home, and abroad. Yes There are 4 helpful reviews 4 No. The only thing one could possibly have issues with is whether or not they like their supervisor, otherwise the job is great.

Make the best of it every day! Yes There are 3 helpful reviews 3 No. Serving in the United States Air Force was a wonderful decision that provided me so much opportunity. I was taught to read, comprehend and speak another language. I was able to see and experience new places. I was exposed to an analytical rigor and leadership, both of which have served me very well in my career.

Pros Provided resources and structure for unlimited personal growth. Cons At times the structure was pretty rigid. If you are in need of a quick career that will help you learn new skills and develop yourself, then this is a great place to start. Otherwise, look to improve yourself through college. The Air Force will work you to death if you are in a high priority role. The atmosphere in those circumstances is very heavy and most of the leadership extremely meticulous.

You have to go out of your way to learn things other than the skills associated with your job,. Yes There are 5 helpful reviews 5 No. There is no typical work day, schedules vary greatly from a few hours to over 12 per day. Management varies based on location, some supervisors and commanders are hands-off, while others are more direct and strict. The most enjoyable part of the Air Force to me was the work hard play hard culture. Army lost my med files, otherwise I'd still be active.

My job was to learn a foreign language that was decided for me. Do not let your recruiter make it sound as if you get any choice in the matter. Yes, you will out a form stating your top choices, but depending on what they need when you arrive at Monterey, that's the language you'll learn. You'll end up dreaming in your target language. The fun part was learning various phrases in the other languages taught. The hard part was the constant barrage of your language being thrown at you at all times.

I would go back in a heartbeat if I could. It was the most difficult thing I've ever learned, and it was also the most rewarding. Yes There are 25 helpful reviews 25 No There are 2 unhelpful reviews 2. I'm glad I did it and would recommend it to a younger person.

I was directionless and had somehow wracked up huge college debt in just a year. They offered a way to pay off my debt and give me money in the form of the GI Bill to go back to school later, which I used. The job was boring, but I met interesting people. Pros Get paid to learn. Cons No control over your life.

Yes There are 12 helpful reviews 12 No There are 1 unhelpful reviews 1. The U. Air Force can provide individuals with structure and job security that very few employers outside the Government can. The skills you gain while in will change your life for the better and make you grow emotionally and physically. Pros job security, benefits. Cons deployment. Yes There are 9 helpful reviews 9 No.

My time in the Air Force was great. In 10 years I learned a lot from the people above as well as below me. I came away with a lot of the principles I practice today within my work. Integrity first, Service before self, and Excellence in all you do. Yes There are 5 helpful reviews 5 No There are 2 unhelpful reviews 2. A typical day as a cryptologic linguist involves language translations and other mission-related work for about hours. The other hours is spent on administrative duties related to Air Force extra duties and responsibilities.

The job was stressful in effort to appease the urgent requirements of two separate chains of command, one civilian and one military. The intelligence I reported was rewarding in that it provided policymakers with information necessary to protect U. However, there was often no customer feedback on the direct impact of my work in any situation, which was unfulfilling for someone who wanted to rest assured she was making a difference.

Some people really love this job; they love the camaraderie, the mission, the military framework--so do not be deterred by this review. My civilian supervisor granted 3 days a week to leave 1. In terms of the culture, I believe in putting people first, but in the military accomplishing the mission comes first. Despite the military not being a good fit for me, they offer great dental and healthcare coverage, perks including corrective eye surgery and time during the paid workday for medical appointments, an exam and performance-based points system and structured tier for advancement, steady income, and many other resources and opportunities to support you both personally and professionally.

My salary is a calculation of all the health and dental benefits in addition to E-4 salary - more Yes There are 19 helpful reviews 19 No There are 1 unhelpful reviews 1. If you are willing to sacrifice for the good of the country, then the Air Force is an amazing choice. It is the military, so if you are not willing to dedicate that much of your life, then do not enlist. Yes There are 8 helpful reviews 8 No There are 2 unhelpful reviews 2.

While the details of the job are classified, I can tell you that it takes a lot of intelligence and motivation to get through the training in this particular field. The Air Force in general is a great place to work! Yes There are 6 helpful reviews 6 No There are 1 unhelpful reviews 1. Job itself is rewarding and offers prospects for fun, adventure, and intellectual stimulation, as well as facilitates extensive travel and forging of new relationships.

But the adversarial culture created by management is incredibly stressful, and the placement of leadership from outside the job area leads to conflict and misunderstanding. Claimed Profile. Want to know more about working here?

Ask a question about working or interviewing at U. Air Force. Our community is ready to answer. Ask a Question. Overall rating 4.

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Cryptologic Linguists Describe Their Training

Rod is wholly familiar with military life, having been stationed or deployed to several bases around the world during his 22 years of service, before retiring as an E-8, First Sergeant.

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