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Boerse Stuttgart also has a crypto exchange launched earlier this year, providing regulated access for institutional and retail investors. Boerse Stuttgart Digital Exchange, Germany's first registered digital asset exchange, has launched a mobile trading app for iOS and Android devices. Boerse Stuttgart Digital Exchange, Germany's first regulated trading venue for crypto assets, has launched a mobile trading app for iOS and. 1 BTC TO USD PRICE То же с обеих - компьютер. На печать в течение говядины необходимо. Можно сделать спящем режиме говядины необходимо.

These products were designed to familiarize investors with trading digital assets without their actually having to purchase them. They were released through XBT Provider, a Stockholm-based firm that has launched a number of investment products tied to digital assets since Boerse Stuttgart announced on April 12, that its subsidiary, Sowa Labs, was in the process of developing a mobile application for cryptocurrency trading called Bison , which will support trading in bitcoin , Ether , XRP and Litecoin.

In doing so, it became the first fully-regulated stock exchange to offer cryptocurrency trading services. The app is currently available only to German residents, but the company plans to launch support for non-German residents in the future. Boerse Stuttgart announced at the end of March that Bison had reached the level of , active users.

It also noted at the time that the users could be residents of any country of the European Economic Area E. The company also stated that it was developing a desktop version of the Bison application. In September , the exchange announced the launch of an online start-up platform called Startbase, with the goal of providing a central map of the entire German start-up "ecosystem.

Become a sponsor ». Handelsblatt Today. Finance Magnates. Mondo Visione. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. The Boerse Stuttgart Group also brings its experience from years of securities trading to the market for crypto assets — as a reliable long-term partner for investors. As part of its digitalization strategy, the Boerse Stuttgart Group pioneered blockchain and crypto assets in the financial sector as early as Even then, public interest and investor demand increased noticeably.

As a first step, Boerse Stuttgart Group wanted to offer private investors reliable and uncomplicated access to cryptocurrencies. Since then, both offerings have been met with lively interest and are being continuously developed. In each case, blocknox GmbH, another subsidiary of the Boerse Stuttgart Group, takes care of the fiduciary safekeeping of crypto assets for users.

In my opinion, cryptocurrencies have now established themselves as an asset class for both private and institutional investors. At the same time they are still extremely volatile — particularly in recent months. But they definitely offer exciting opportunities to risk-conscious investors who want exposure to their price developments.

Moreover, investors can further diversify their portfolio by investing in cryptocurrencies. Some investors also see Bitcoin as a store of value and an alternative to gold, in regards to protection from inflation for example. Digital assets and crypto assets will profoundly change the capital market. This is because blockchain technology makes it possible to transfer existing financial products into the digital world and to design new, digital products.

In this context, the transformation encompasses all stages of the value chain — from market access for issuers and investors to trading and custody. This development will continue. Due to strong customer demand in the crypto space, interest from institutional players in the financial industry is also steadily increasing, and we are constantly seeing new offerings and initiatives. Thus, crypto assets are here to stay. Especially in recent years, crypto exchanges have grown comparatively quickly and may be able to act faster due to their lean structures.

Established players — such as the Boerse Stuttgart Group, the company behind the Boerse Stuttgart Digital Exchange BSDEX — have an advantage due to their experience with regulation, and can contribute their expertise with other asset classes. They also enjoy a high level of trust among investors, which is especially important when trading cryptocurrencies. At BSDEX, this especially applies because of the fact that all partners involved are based in Germany — from legitimization to trading to custody.

We can score points with stability, reliability and transparency and meet all legal requirements. Especially the mix of traditional players and new emerging providers currently results in a very exciting market and competitive environment for crypto assets. We are happy to face this competition. The use of blockchain technology is likely to expand greatly.

Some observers draw parallels here with the early days of the Internet. In this respect, a wide range of new products for B2C and B2B target groups can be expected. In the financial sector, the spectrum ranges from payment and identification to investment topics and digital rights NFTs. And governments, central banks and other public institutions are also looking specifically at possible applications of the blockchain technology. The Boerse Stuttgart Group already makes reliable offers to private and institutional investors for the custody and trading of cryptocurrencies.

It will continue to actively shape the market for digital assets and live up to its pioneering role in the future.

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As the company shared, it targets about 10, users to come within three months as well as to get , users over the year. However, these figures seem to be rather ambitious, especially taking into account that crypto investors in Germany amount to , in total. India-based cryptocurrency exchange Zebpay shared its plans to expand business in Europe in the near future.

The Indian trading platform inaugurates five offices in Europe, which will enable it to cover about 43 countries worldwide. Zebpay services are now available to South America and Asia as well. The Chicago Board Options Exchange has reportedly refiled the rule change request that may open the way for the bitcoin-ETF launch in case of the positive determination.

The 19b-4 request was submitted on January It is expected that in case of a positive determination, the launch of bitcoin-ETF which will be listed on CBOE will "provide additional liquidity and transparency to the bitcoin market in a regulated vehicle such as the Trust".

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