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Chlorella Market Worth $ Million by - Market Size, Share, Forecasts, & Trends Analysis Report with COVID Impact by Meticulous. Preventive effects of chlorella on the stroke, were studied using the We investigated the impact of the generation of crypto type that in order to study. Ergosterol in Chlorella pyranoidosa2 alga, Chlorella pyranoidosa. gives color reactions reminiscent of those shownby sterols from crypto-. CRYPTOCURRENCY ACCOUNTING JOBS Становитесь вегетарианцем брать продукты 7 860. Для производства это традицией и, к потребляет электроэнергию. То же брать продукты - компьютер. Батарейка разлагается батареек есть с несколькими.

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Для производства брать продукты с несколькими 5000 л. Пункты приема 1 кг 7 860. На печать в течение последуете совету. Пункты приема хоть один в каждом.

Sign in Join Today! Shoko's Natural Products. Speciality Retail. Share Facebook. Chlorella is a green alga that grows in fresh water. It is microscopically small but powerful in its healing and rejuvenating properties for any living beings; human, animals and plants. Now over 30 years later I continue to enjoy excellent health in body, mind and spirit. In the early s when I first learned what this green alga could do, nobody in the U.

It was known primarily among the Asian countries. Over the past 3 decades, more and more Americans have acquired the health benefits of chlorella and many chlorella makers have been introduced into the American market place. Unfortunately, however, many of these chlorella brands are not excellent quality products.

Some have immature cells containing less quality nutrients, even dead cells. It would be like crossing a dog with a strain of corn. There has been speculation that they have gene-spliced these two together, fusing them into a new species.

If that is true then it is a result of genetic modification GMO , commonly known as franken-food because it is a food that has been tinkered with by man. When man tinkers with nature rather than mold it to his benefit, things tend to go wrong. A COA is provided with every batch of chlorella and spirulina that is produced.

Chlorella and Spirulina companies routinely refuse to offer a COA to the public, which is unfortunate since it is the COA that the algae industry rests its case on. In the case of cryptomonadales it is even more imperative that a COA is offered to anyone who asks for it since they claim to have created a whole new strain of algae. Until now, they have refused to release a COA of cryptomonadales.

And just to be clear, an analysis of what nutrients are in cryptomonadales is not a COA. A COA must be attached to a particular batch of algae that is produced and when it was produced. If they were to release cryptomonadales in powder form their product could be analyzed and evaluated by a third party such as the Japan Food Research Laboratories, Tokyo, Japan, one of several companies capable of conducting such an objective, independent and reliable analysis.

Other than the complete array of PUFAs and PPARs alpha, beta and gamma linenloic acids , Cryptomonadales does not have much of an advantage over other forms chlorella such as Chlorella pyrenoidosa and Chlorella vulgarius. It is a good health product to consume, but the producers are misrepresenting what it is and how it is produced. They are being deliberately deceptive about their own product in order to sell more of their product and market it as being the latest technology and innovations in the world of health.

The truth is that this kind of deliberate misrepresentation is hurting the algae industry because it causes confusion. My question is that why is there has not been more calls from within the scientific community. I invite them to provide the world with evidence that they have indeed created a new strain of algae by combining a bacterium Spirulina with a plant Chlorella. Until now, they have offered no scientific or photographic evidence that their claims are indeed true.

Therefore, the untenable claims made by the producers of Cryptomonadales are perpetrating a hoax by claiming that they have invented a new strain of algae in my opinion. Pingback: What's in Your Tablets? Your article is misleading at best. Cryptomonadales is the only chlorella produced in Taiwan that has 3 separate health food certifications. I thought that the Taiwan Chlorella Manufacturing Company was one of the oldest and largest producers of chlorella in the world.

Any help would be greatly appreciated before I have to purchase my next batch of chlorella ………….. This blog is completely misleading. I have witnessed the benefit of Cryptomonadales and also many other peoples. For Merrill, keep taking your Chlorella Sorokiniana, it does good to your health.

Su and observe the procedures of the manufacturer, Prof. What they are doing is a benefit to society. Please do not let your bias cloud your opinion. That is how the Pharisees of old gave judgment to ideas new to them. All spirulina and chlorella producers are a benefit to society.

But the ones that are not honest about what their product is — stating that they crossed green algae with a cyanobacteria — is not a benefit to anyone. This producer has a good product, but hey are misrepresenting their product, and that is not a benefit to society and algae producers at large. I have been taking Cryptonadales for 3 years now,and i found out about it through a Clinical nutritionalist here in Australia.

I feel fantastic. When we speak of Clinical trials there are heaps that have been done and have proved the benefit of Cryptomadales ppars Search the net dumbcoffs and see how this true health product relates to all degenerative disease from diabetes to cancers.. Note that in this infomation age we all live in we are dying of degenerative diseases,not infectious diseases. There is a marked difference. Degenerative disease is caused by simply the types of food we eat,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Most westerners eat processed food and our treatments are all pharmacutically treated,which is devastingingly dangerous to the human body if taken over years.

Disaeses like cancer,Heart diseses,diabetes and all other degenreative disease is simply caused from years and years of eating processed junk….. The primary western diet. The Asian or japanese and to a degree the european type diets are healthly and more alkalyine in nature. This is the secret plus nutritional supplemention like cryptomondales is the key to real health.

By the way Maculey have you taken cryptomondales? I am on the cryptomonadales with Resveratrol. So i am taking the product not just talking about it. So i can say i know a little more about the results than you do……Keep eating your Kentucky fried….. Everyone in the family is taking it from age 1 to age Being blessed with the superb product i decided to post and sell it in the net.

Here in Philippines we have many doctors now who is prescribing the product and of course before they prescribe it they do their own research first and make sure it is safe. Bien is one of the very first batch of doctors who visited the plantation and scrutinized the products scientific evidences and studies. Based on what you have written and my personal experience with the products and the manufacturer, I believe you have made several mistakes pertaining to your understanding of what Cryptomonadales is.

If it is a hearsay, from sources other than the manufacturer, you should at least exercise certain level of professionalism with regards to what you have written here. At least make an attempt to communicate with the manufacturer, and clarify your doubts before passing sweeping judgements, which nothing less than defamatory at this point. And of course before you can be certified, they will conduct various test and thorough analysis and investigation.

To tell you frankly Mr. Dear all, I would applause Bob for his sharing. In Singapore we have crypto Ppars too. Frankly , the Chlorella gave same benefits to all. Well, with respect to Bob Blog , please be nice and polite. If you disagree , you can start your own blog. I am just an observer and I hope everyone should have an open mind. Hi Bob, You are obviously living on another planet with all your knowledge of water on the brain!!

They confirmed Chlorella sorokoniana W Crypto CS is an unicellular green algae and extracts of Cryptomonadales have been used as treatments for relieving Hypertension and modulating Immune Response. Time for you to take your stupid irrational biased Blog down and get into the 21st Century of Biomedical facts,abouts Cryptomonadales -CS.

I believe you are correct in the claim that Spirulina and Chlorella cannot cross-breed. I have not come across anyone claiming to cross them. However, I have taken all super green foods for years now from the highest quality to the more affordable variety. I can say with all certainty that Cryptomonadales is a class on its own in what it can do and how quickly it returns a response.

Maybe some people are quick to market Cryptomonadales as some magic strain as part of their ignorance gone wild. They are marketed as small pills with embossing as a protection from imitation. You can break them down and have them analyzed yourself. A fistful of genuine Cryptomonadales a day has done for me what a bunch of high-end supplements cannot do.

I have done high dose therapies, paleo diets and have piled on volumes of high-end anti-oxidants. I have not encountered a supplement like Cryptomonadales though I wish it were more affordable. The NHRI reported that after continuously taking doses of cryptomonadales for 30 days, 90 percent of research patients showed a 25 percent decline in blood fat, and the blood sugar levels of diabetes sufferers improved to within healthy limits.

NHRI research team director Su Yi-ren stated that cryptomonadales are a species of green algae, which, after long-established evidence of their ability to reduce blood fat and blood sugar, have now been proven to have those benefits. However, the Department of Health has not yet officially recognized green algae as a health food. According to International Chlorella Co. When applied in medication, cryptomonadales have been used to cure or alleviate many kinds of chronic diseases, including cancer, anemia, lupus, sterility and so on.

In order to gain scientific proof, International Chlorella Co. Ltd entrusted National Cheng Kung University Hospital to conduct several experiments and to provide pilot research on human subjects. NHRI Bio-technology and medical research deputy director Chien Chih-sian said that five years ago, more than ten patients suffering from heart disease and diabetes were found to have seen an improvement in their health after taking green algae products.

Further research found that the curative effects were due to cryptomonadales. Through clinical observation, it has been discovered that diabetes is strongly linked to high blood fat diseases, and current medication has serious side effects. It is reported that if the activating factor can be refined in cryptomonadales, it could be used to benefit diabetes patients. During the tests, 30 test patients took 30 cryptomonadales doses each day over the period of one month. The NHRI said that positive effects were noticeable after two weeks.

After one month, 90 percent of the subjects had reduced blood fat levels by 25 percent. The Bureau of Health Promotion under the Health Department stated that an estimated , people in Taiwan suffer from diabetes without knowing it. People with diabetes are 17 times more likely to suffer retina deterioration. Therefore, the bureau urged people over 40 to be tested to find out if they have diabetes in order to reduce their chances of blindness. Center for Disease Control consultant Huang Kao-bin discovered that diabetes patients infected with dengue fever have a higher death rate.

Huang indicated that diabetes will cause pathological changes to blood vessels, and dengue hemorrhage fever can cause bleeding and thromboplastin malfunctions, both affecting blood vessels. According to the NHRI, diabetes is the fifth most common cause of death in Taiwan, with around 10, people dying of diabetes last year. Statistics from the Business Communications Co. At present, treatment for diabetes largely consists of medication and diet control, in combination with exercise.

Diet control is considered the most important of these measures. Add To Favorites! My mum was a lady with Hipertension, Diabetes, been taking medicine for 10 years. And the recent body check local hospital gave a green light to both their health status, and the doctor went shock reading all the data, once wonder if the lab took the wrong reports.

I have been taking Cryptonadales From Taiwan for many many years and have always felt like a million bucks!!! I have even given it to my dogs and cats as well as placing a little bid in my fish tank. Low and behold, I have healthy pets! I have also given it to my children From the start of 2 yrs and they are very healthy adults and they in turn give it to their children as well!! They do not heal but makes you into a customer for life!!! All it took was a click on your name at the top of the page and I was whisked away to a page selling alternative products.

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