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They say that the physical nature of mail-in ballots make them much less susceptible to large-scale attacks compared to online voting, where. As the desire to increase voter turnout remains strong and the number of online voting pilot projects rises in the U.S. and abroad. Voting systems must ensure that only eligible voters cast votes, that they vote at most once, and that all votes are counted as cast. In the US. ETHEREUM WALLET SET UP Даже в день, нежели 7 860. Покупайте меньше перерабатывается совсем раз в. Снова же, вы не в два того, что и множество рационе уже время принятия.

With Authentichain, it is possible to manage a private network of smart devices that are mutually authenticated and verified. It is also possible to easily extend the network and connect it to other networks e. Insurances: over the years, complexity and costs related to the management of insurance processes have undermined the profitability of companies and inhibited the distribution of innovative insurance products.

A platform was developed which, by integrating with the Ethereum Blockchain , facilitates the setting and enforcement of smart contracts for travel insurance. Insurechain is a solution that facilitates the automation of premium calculations, the management of appraisals and the settlement of certain types of claims, ensuring end-user transparency.

You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Please enable scripts and reload this page. Ballotchain Organising a vote requires a substantial organisational effort in order to fully ensure the correct performance and outcome of the process. These stringent security requirements often make it impractical to carry out voting initiatives on social media platforms. Ballotchain allows for an online process with the same guarantees of a public election.

SCENARIO Voting is a fundamental element of any collaboration between individuals, with methods ranging from a show of hands and the use of a ballot box, to online voting and liquid democracy platforms. However, online voting and e-democracy platforms are subject to certain problems that undermine the definitive nature and certainty of the process: Who controls the online platform?

How can I be certain that the votes are counted correctly? Who ensures the system availability for the duration of the election? How can votes be verified, even after the voting is finished? FOCUS ON The fundamental idea of the Ballotchain solution is to match a Bitcoin transaction to a vote cast by an elector in support of the candidate selected by the voter. The current scenario - Critical aspects Currently, the organisation of a vote whose results are officially accepted requires the simultaneous presence of all participants for the vote and for the polling e.

These guarantees allow the main problems faced by traditional online voting platforms to be overcome, such as: Can the central body be trusted to store and count votes? Is it possible to stem the phenomenon by which the same voter casts multiple votes using different IP addresses or accounts? Is it possible to access the result of the vote if the Web Application goes offline or is subject to an availability or data attack?

The use cases developed In order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the system, a Web Application prototype that supports two use cases was developed: The voting use case: the voter logs into the system, specifies their preference and casts their vote. The application performs the operations in the Blockchain on behalf of the specific user, without any corresponding impact on the User Experience and ease of use of the application.

The polling use case: the voter wishes to view the result of the vote, therefore accessing the results page that will display the total number of votes received by each candidate. In this case, the application will provide a graphical representation of the result of the Blockchain exploration.

The solution architecture Currently, the Ballotchain solution relies on the RegNet Bitcoin Blockchain services in order to allow for experimenting in a controlled environment, ensuring that the purchase of real Bitcoins is not required while offering a solution offering speed and versatility for resetting the network and carrying out security testing. The various advantages of using RegNet during the prototyping stage include: Increased speed of data set-up for small size scenarios instant set-up that does not require downloading the previous Blockchain ; The absence of a monetary value associated with the Bitcoins or fees payable to the data miners, which introduce delays in the validation of the voting The same level of security guaranteed by MainNet; The same logical and scripting services available as in MainNet; The ability to experiment with scenarios in which transactions are pre-mined and whose validation is instantaneous.

In addition to the HTML 5 front-end, the architecture of the application provides a Java technology back-end composed of: A Business Logic layer developed on the Apache Tomcat platform that interacts with a Database of candidates in order to present the user with the list of candidates.

It is also responsible for interacting with the Blockchain using services made available by the Open Source BitcoinJ library for two types of activities Forwarding of transactions according to the selections made by the voter; Identification and counting of transactions that represent a valid vote. The information that maps the candidates and the respective addresses of their wallet is stored in a MySQL database.

That's mine Property : a Blockchain accelerator manages the change of property ownership, in other words the transfer of ownership of any digital or physical asset e. Cloudchain Ticketing : ticketing and couponing systems are highly complex. Voter Registration Data Security Voter accessibility challenges are not just confined to physical obstacles. Blockchain could play an important role in securing the voter registry. Citizens and authorized government officials could update voter records in a more secure manner, as a blockchain creates by its nature an audit trail of changes, including information on what account made the change and when.

Independent watch-dogs could track the edits being made to voter records on a blockchain in real time, watching for purges or suspicious activities. Secured In-Person and Mail-In Voting In some cases, citizens may be concerned about their ballot being altered, discarded, or replaced after they cast their votes either in-person or via the mail.

Electronic voting technologies backed the security properties of blockchain can be used to reduce the risk of votes being manipulated after being cast and before being tabulated. In such a system, voters cast ballots in polling stations using electronic voting machines, which records the data onto a blockchain and provides a voter with a paper receipt of their vote for auditing purposes.

Voters then have the ability to verify that their ballot was cast according to their vote. It also provides a way for independent monitors to verify whether the tally of individual votes matches official results. Blockchain-based Mobile Voting Online voting is a controversial subject which has generated as much enthusiasm as it has scorn and ridicule. Blockchain could secure data in the voting process. Voters who cast ballots on connected devices have votes recorded and anonymized on the blockchain, which records which candidate received the vote.

This method helps with auditability: voters can potentially verify that their ballot has been cast and recorded accurately, and election monitors can verify whether the tally of individual votes matches the official results. Such a blockchain-based system holds the potential for an auditable solution that is superior to many other distance voting methods currently used, including mail-in ballots, faxes and even emails, ensuring the integrity of information transmitted to the election administrators.

However, as with any digital technology, electronic voting may exclude certain groups of voters, such as the elderly, illiterate, rural, or low-income voters, who may be intimidated by new technologies or have limited access to internet-connected devices. Polling Station Results Transmission Historically, threats to election integrity appear most often in the counting and aggregation of vote totals at the regional or national level, not the individual polling stations.

Blockchain could also facilitate transmission of station-level results totals for each candidate with ballot reconciliation data so election officials could later verify official results with the poll station inputs. Any legitimate revision of poll-level results would be traceable thanks to blockchain audit trails that track who made revisions, when they occurred, and for what reason, so they could be independently verified by monitors.

Independent Monitoring of Blockchain-Validated Elections Independent monitoring bolsters the legitimacy of election results by incorporating unbiased observation of election processes and ensuring that stakeholder in elections cannot subvert fair competition. Blockchain offers new opportunities for independent monitors to observe election results in real-time.

Nonpartisan election observation groups with access and technical skills would be able to monitor polling station result transmission, audit changes to voter file records, or even observe the process of individual votes. Election observation groups themselves should receive support from the election authorities and technical experts to help them learn how to monitor this new public space. Special Concerns with New Technology in the Election Process Elections are high-stakes activities with little room for error, or ability for correction after the fact.

To reinforce the validity and legitimacy of elections, some safeguards must be observed: Public education efforts must precede new technology implementations. The public needs to understand how a new system works, be able to observe it operating correctly, and trust that it will not cause an election to fail or be manipulated. Prudent introduction of new technologies in elections can take years, not months.

High-capacity, non-partisan, and reputable election administrators must oversee new election technology implementations. Poor implementation of new systems can — as many elections have shown — undermine public confidence and subvert the legitimacy of the winner. Losers at the ballot box often attack the system by blaming technology.

Election authorities must consult with key stakeholders to define the advantages and risks posed by a new technology. All political factions, civil society leaders, members of marginalized communities, and other constituent groups should perceive the new technology as fair among different constituent groups. Transparent and competitive technology procurement processes are particularly critical in an election context where even the perception of illegitimacy could undermine confidence in elections.

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Another early investor, Ver has supported a number of cryptocurrency startups and projects over the years, cementing his status as 'Bitcoin Jesus' as he likes to proclaim himself. He's also a leading digital philanthropist after major donations toward economic education. He currently serves as CEO of Bitcoin. He uses his platform to put pragmatism and principles before crypto politics. Buterin has also become a leading crypto philanthropist, making hefty donations to major causes.

Follow him on Twitter , where he tends to drop some pretty big announcements. Andersen then went on to become the face for Bitcoin as it exploded into mainstream consciousness. You can find him on Twitter. For spearheading an aggressive campaign of investment into over Bitcoin-related companies, he's has been bestowed upon the nickname "The King of Crypto.

The former Chief Technological Officer CTO of Coinbase is widely respected in the digital community as a seasoned angel investor who threw early on support behind crypto and blockchain ventures that went on to become major successes Ethereum, Coin Center, Earn. Make sure not to miss out bold predictions made by one of the world's top crypto influencers.

Join to become his more than 1. Voorhees is an American entrepreneur who founded the bitcoin startup Coinapult and the crypto exchange ShapeShift. He's widely seen as one of the first 'Bitcoiners' and became famous for creating the world's fist dice game based on Bitcoin - SatoshiDice. He's an outspoken libertarian with nearly half a million followers on Twitter.

The largest U. Needless to say, Jack Dorsey is a household name that needs no introduction. As a longtime bitcoin advocate, the Twitter founder spends a considerable amount of time tweeting of course about cryptocurrencies and has become a leading voice for more sustainable practices in the industry. Learn as much as possible about cryptocurrencies and stay connected to the powerful potential of Blockchain by following these crypto influencers.

Interact, chat and dance with AI virtual beings. Explore new worlds. Break the next digital frontier with Sensorium App. Top Crypto Influencers Elon Musk. Andreas Antonopoulos. Adam Back. Nick Szabo. Josh Olszewicz. Lil Bubble. Altcoin Sara. Credible Crypto. He also does a superb job at breaking down key concepts and delivering a simple and approachable strategy to crypto investments and business Changpeng Zhao. Nicholas Merten.

Roger Ver. Vitalik Buterin. Gavin Andresen. Barry Silbert. Balaji S. Chamath Palihapitiya. Erik Voorhees. Fred Ehrsam. Jack Dorsey. Bottom Line Learn as much as possible about cryptocurrencies and stay connected to the powerful potential of Blockchain by following these crypto influencers.

Meet your next metaverse friends Interact, chat and dance with AI virtual beings. Started its publishing back in , CoinDesk has been growing tremendously since then. Filling the readers with authentic news on the entire cryptocurrency industry, CoinDesk has been doing a great job. Whether it is to find the rise and fall in the Bitcoin Price Index or the new cryptocurrency making its way into the industry, CoinDesk will cover everything for you. If you are looking for dedicated news sites that will cover everything regarding Ethereum, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, then you can undoubtedly turn towards CoinTelegraph.

It is one of the active and popular crypto news sites that post a number of articles and news every day. You can learn about all the recent happenings in the crypto market at CoinTelegraph. Another great thing about Coin Telegraph is that it is available in different languages like English, Brazilian, Spanish, Japanese, Serbian, and many more.

CCN is a dedicated news website that provides all the recent news regarding all the major cryptocurrencies in the market. It is a Norway based media company that has shot to fame for its crypto news. Apart from the news, you can enhance your knowledge regarding the industry with its blog section as well. It is a famous news site that covers all the details regarding blockchain and cryptocurrency. TodayOnChain acquires news from different sources, so you can find an abundance of news related to the blockchain industry here.

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